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Sunday March 18, 2018
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Secret endings in thor Ragnarok

WilliepanWilliepan   February 23, 2018  
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Most women usually struggle with this inner battle, what can you do to get him to notice you? It is not strange for you as a woman to get attracted to a man. This inner battle is even worse when the man is already familiar with you, a co-worker, a friend's brother, a neighbor, that fine man you can't seem to resist or any one you are simply attracted to who just wants to remain as 'a friend' and you want the relationship to go beyond mere friendship.

The GOOD NEWS is that you can attract that man of your dreams. No matter how long you have been secretly in love with him. Don't allow any form of prejudice or norm keep you from making your dreams come true. Any woman can attract any man in spite of what you see as restriction without any damage to your ego if you are that traditional lady. And if you are the more liberal person you can still get that man's attention without seeming too forward.

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