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Chapter 750: The Coming of The End

Wei Tianxiao had been prepared since the beginning, so he immediately waved a hand and forced Wei Tiantong out of the way almost the instant Wei Tiantong began to move. Wei Tiantong might be strong, but he was still a ways away from House Lord Wei Tianxiao. Wei Tianxiao wasn’t particularly good at managing the house, but he had been able to become House Wei’s lord because of his strong achievements in martial dao and potential. He was currently eighth level emperor realm and the undisputable strongest cultivator in the entirety of House Wei. In fact, he was amongst the top three strongest cultivators out of all the ninth ranked aristocratic houses in Veluriyam Capital! Wei Tiantong attacked several times, but Wei Tianxiao easily blocked all of his attempts.

“What do you mean by this, house lord?” Wei Tiantong frowned.

Wei Tianxiao replied coldly, “I’m the one who should be asking you this question. Why are you getting involved in the battle between two pill masters?” He was a house lord after all, and not lacking in authority as a house lord when he grew angry.

Wei Tiantong responded furiously, “He has already won the battle, so he should end things on a gracious note. But why isn’t he giving his opponent the antidote? Is he going to take his opponent’s life just because he won?”

“Don’t gamble if you can’t afford the consequences. It’s not like Pill King Zhen was the one who started things. If memory serves, it was your Pill Master Yu who started things, no?” Wei Tianxiao’s tone was indifferent. He wasn’t normally forceful, but they were practically an inch away from shedding all pretense of cordiality at the moment. Not only had that Pill Master Yu turned hostile against Yu Tiantong just now, he’d even swore to poison every House Wei member. How could they possibly conclude matters amiably?

Wei Tiantong gnashed his teeth and looked at Elder Zhuo and Feng, “Elders, Wei Tianxiao is abusing his status as house lord and ruling by hegemony here! As elders of the house, you should speak for justice!” Wei Tiantong had to mobilize all his forces to attack Wei Tianxiao at this point, or the situation would become very disadvantageous to him.

Elder Zhuo smiled indifferently, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this gamble, so what justice exactly are you expecting us to speak of? That being said, I do have a few words to offer on behalf of justice.”

“What?” Wei Tiantong looked startled.

“If you don’t do stupid things, they won’t come back to bite you in the ass,” Elder Zhuo’s tone was indifferent.

Elder Feng also nodded, “That’s right. If your Pill Master Yu hadn’t called for this gamble himself, there wouldn’t have been this bet and none of this would have happened in the first place. He’s the one who insisted on doing stupid things, Tiantong!”

The two elders’ attitude was such that Wei Tiantong almost thought that something was wrong with his ears. Wei Xiu couldn’t help but remind them, “Elders, are you… mistaken about something? Pill Master Yu is the cure to your… troubles.”

Pill Master Yu was also staring coldly at Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng while smiling malevolently, “Are you going back on your promises, you old bastards? I guess you don’t want to save your juniors anymore.”

Wei Tiantong’s trusted elder also persuaded, “Elder Zhuo, Elder Feng, you need to clearly state your positions at this time. Don’t make a mistake by taking a stand on the wrong side.”

“Hmph! Wei Tiantong, I thought what we agreed on earlier was about the Farmer God Street’s shop, wasn’t it? Are we talking about the Farmer God Street now?” Elder Zhuo sneered and retorted.

Wei Tiantong nearly broke out into a swearing rant, but he forcefully restrained his anger, “If Pill Master Yu dies from poison, then all the promises are for naught. He is the cure to your juniors’ ailments. If you don’t save him now, are you going to wait until he’s dead and bury your juniors with him as well?”

Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng wouldn’t have been that furious if he hadn’t brought up the matter, but he had. It was Elder Feng who immediately broke out into a swearing rant, “Wei Tiantong, you’re the one who invited enemies into our family! How dare you say that he’s some ‘cure to our troubles? Why didn’t you bring up the fact that he’s the source of our ailments too?”

The moment he said this, Wei Tiantong and that Pill Master Yu’s expression changed slightly. Wei Tiantong denied the accusation, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. What source?”

Elder Feng hectored angrily, “Cut the act already. This Yu bastard is the cause of everything. Elder Zhuo’s grandson and my disciple were both poisoned by him! How dare the two of you then pretend to be the good guy! How dare you put on this front to recruit us two old men! Wei Tiantong, you’re a good traitor alright! Look at this scheme of yours! We were completely led about by the nose!”

Wei Tiantong was completely dumbfounded by this turn of events. How had the two old bastards managed to figure out such a well hidden secret? No wonder they ignored all of his gestures even though he’d been constantly sending them signals earlier!

Pill Master Yu understood that the truth had been exposed, so he decided that he might as well drop all pretenses and screamed at Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng, “What are you old bastards waiting for then? Your juniors will be dead for sure without my unique skills to save them! If you’re smart,then take down this pretender now and loot his antidote. If you present the antidote to me obediently, then maybe I can consider forgiving you two…”

Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng exchanged a glance with each other. They both thought that this fellow had gone crazy. Wei Jie even sneered, “Stop dreaming, Yu. Pill Master Zhen already took care of your little tricks a few days ago.”

“What?” Pill Master Yu and Wei Tiantong turned pale at the same time. The duo exchanged a glance and saw countless complicated feelings in each other’s eyes. Wei Tiantong particularly, felt that the world was spinning beneath him. Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng’s betrayal meant that his schemes had completely fallen through today! His ambitions to seize the seat of house lord from Wei Tianxiao was completely and utterly trashed!

Wei Tianxiao didn’t miss the opportunity to hector, “Wei Tiantong, you and your son have colluded with the Majestic Clan and attempted to break the house apart! Your sins are unforgivable!”

The moment he said this, both father and son, as well as Wei Tiantong’s trusted elder all looked panic-stricken. The other three great elders, Wei Zhi, Wei Zhuo and Wei Feng, all immediately encircled the scene. Wei Tianxiao waved his hand and summoned his personal bodyguards from all directions. They immediately sealed off all of the exits. Wei Jie and Jiang Chen themselves had retreated to the back leisurely. At this point, juniors like them no longer needed to interfere with the matter.

Wei Tiantong’s face became distorted in face of the downward spiralling situation. The violent look of a trapped beast sprung to his face, and he stared coldly at Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng, “How dare you two old bastards play me like a fool! Don’t blame me for being merciless then!” He threw a glance at Pill Master Yu after this. The latter laughed malevolently and exclaimed in a soft tone, “Should’ve done this from the start!”

He made a hand gesture as he said this and instantly caused the greenery around the backyard to explode. A formation immediately enveloped the entire area. The moment the formation came alive, all sorts of poison formations activated as well and suffused the air in white smoke.

“Wei Tianxiao, you’re the one who forced me to this!” Wei Tiantong roared madly with eyes filled with malevolence. His tone indicated his madness. “You are the house lord, but not only have you failed to lead the house forwards, you’ve cause it to grow weaker day by day! As the house lord, you don’t know how to be flexible. There’s no way we’ll have a bright future following a dying power like the Coiling Dragon Clan! The Majestic Clan will become the true premier clan in Veluriyam Capital in the future! Wei Tianxiao, your blind loyalty is outdated! Tell me, in what other aspects are you better than me? You’re only slightly better than me in martial dao, so why should you be the house lord and I just the next-in-line?”

Wei Tiantong was almost shouting when he said these words. It was as if he was trying vent all of the frustrations he had pent up for hundreds of years. In the end, he even sounded like he was forcing out his words through gritted teeth. “From today onwards, I, Wei Tiantong will be the lord of House Wei. I won’t kill you, Wei Tianxiao. I will disable you, imprison you and make you watch me, Wei Tiantong, lead House Wei into a brighter future than today! That’s because I will always be better than you!”

Smoke was everywhere inside the poison formation. Wei Tianxiao and his men kept trying to break out of the encirclement and avoid the seeping poison attacks. Wei Tiantong immediately broke into a string of crazed laughter when he saw this, “Don’t waste your time, Wei Tianxiao. This poison formation contains the essence of Pill Master Yu’s knowledge that he spent his entire life accumulating. Its poison isn’t something that the lot of you can endure unless you’ve taken the antidote like I did beforehand. Hahahaha…”

Pill Master Yu was also laughing eerily, “Zhen, this is the time to turn in the antidote obediently if you’re smart. We may even consider making a trade.”

Jiang Chen observed his surroundings inside the poison formation for a moment, and he had to admit that the arrangement of this formation was both ingenious and well hidden. Even he hadn’t noticed it until the moment it was activated. That being said, although the poison formation was set up ingeniously and the poison was quite strong, he had prepared the Half-step Immortal Elixir Pill beforehand. Even if this poison formation could bring the others some harm, it was definitely not strong enough to be a critical threat.

As expected, when Jiang Chen looked towards Wei Tianxiao and the others, the group quickly realized that the poison formation hadn’t inflicted any mortal danger despite their initial panic. Wei Tianxiao, Elder Zhuo and the others quickly calmed down after that.

“Wei Tiantong, is this your final struggle?” Jiang Chen’s sneer rang from inside the smoke-filled formation.

Wei Tiantong turned furious, “How much longer can you keep up that tough act, brat?! Even if you’re good enough to avoid these poisons, do you really think you can escape my grasp without Wei Tiaoxiao’s protection?”

Pill Master Yu said coldly, “If I were you, I would surrender now, brat!”

“You have no idea who’s at the end of their ropes, do you?” Jiang Chen smiled disdainfully from inside the formation before casting a glance at Wei Tianxiao and Elder Zhuo. Wei Tianxiao nodded slightly and acted in unison with Elder Zhuo and Feng. They immediately pounced in Wei Tiantong’s direction through the smoke.

“Mm? You all…” Wei Tiantong was caught off guard to see the four great experts charging towards him at the same time. They looked quite vigorous and brimming with vitality, no sign of being poisoned at all. For an instant, Wei Tiantong was completely confused. How could this be? They had tested out Pill Master Yu’s poison formation many times. There were absolutely no problems with it.

Even Pill Master Yu himself was stunned silly. Disbelief covered his face as his pupils shrank rapidly. For a time, he actually forgot that he was facing a life or death situation. The domain of an eighth level emperor realm came to life, and Wei Tiantong’s men were instantly suppressed by it. Pill Master Yu failed to act before he was slapped right out of the formation by Wei Tianxiao.

“Jie’er, this bastard poisoned you before. I’ll leave him to you to exact your vengeance!” Wei Tianxiao was obviously furious.

The sudden turn of events caused Wei Tiantong to lose control completely. He yelled madly, “Impossible! How can I possibly lose to you, Wei Tianxiao!?”

Wei Tianxiao said coldly, “Are you still unrepentant in the face of death?”

Chapter 751: All Is Ready

On the other side, Wei Tiantong’s trusted elder was destroyed by the combined forces of Wei Zhi, Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng. Wei Tiantong’s son, Wei Xiu attempted to escape, but no such possibility existed while he was enveloped inside the emperor domain. He too was killed by Elder Feng with a single palm strike. Elder Feng was a person who abhorred evil, and his fury had been completely ignited this time. It was when Wei Tiantong had urged Pill Master Yu to activate the poison formation that both Elder Feng and Elder Zhuo realized that they actually hadn’t been informed about this beforehand despite being allies. This also meant that Wei Tiantong might very well have been planning to take both of them out once he had dealt with Wei Tianxiao! How could Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng possibly show mercy after understanding this?

After they eliminated Wei Xiu, they joined the battle against Wei Tiantong and sealed off all of his possible paths of retreat. Since they were already planning to clean house, it was only natural to eliminate their enemies completely! If Wei Tiantong was allowed to escape today, he would definitely grow to become a threat again in the future. With Wei Tiantong’s abilities, he might very well collude with House Wei’s enemies and return to harm them in the future. Wei Tianxiao was already stronger than Wei Tiantong to begin with, and now the three elders had completely sealed off any chance of escape. Although Wei Tiantong struggled at death’s door and displayed a level of combat power beyond his limits, it didn’t change the fact that he was still in great danger. It didn’t take long before he was struck a couple of times by his attackers.

“Wei Tiantong, you colluded with House Wei’s enemies and attempted to bring harm to your own family. Are you still trying to resist even now?” Wei Zhi yelled as he attempted to break down Wei Tiantong’s will with words.

Wei Tiantong suffered repeated blows. His hair was disheveled, his body covered all over with blood, and he looked more like a trapped, despairing beast than the sixth level emperor realm cultivator he was. The graceful bearing he used to display so easily as the person with the second most highest authority in House Wei was long gone. Wei Tiantong continued to scream madly while struggling like a doomed beast. “Damn you, heavens! I refuse to accept this! I am not in any way weaker than him, so why is he the victor in the end? Why?!”

Wei Tiantong really couldn’t accept this outcome. Before they’d departed for the meeting today, he’d thought through his plan and felt that it was perfect and multilayered. Be it in brains or brawn, he was certain that he could toy with Wei Tianxiao and Wei Jie to their deaths. He never imagined that he would be the one eventually toyed to death instead!

On the outskirts, Elder Zhuo said coldly. “Wei Tiantong, how can you possibly compare to our house lord? You have ambition, but not the ability to realize your ambition. You have skill, but not the heart to use it at the right place. What else do you have? Are you stronger than our house lord in terms of martial strength? Is your failure of a son better than young master Wei Jie? You’re not even as kindhearted and generous as our house lord! You claim that you are better than our house lord, but at what, exactly?”

“Wei Zhuo, you two timing bastard! I’ll haunt you even in death!” Despite his final struggles, Wei Tiantong was still ultimately suppressed.

Soon after, Wei Tianxiao and the three family elders came over to shower Jiang Chen with thanks. “Pill King Zhen, we must thank you for your Half-step Immortal Elixir Pill, or the consequences would’ve been unthinkable.”

Wei Jie had also just cleaved that Pill Master Yu in half before walking over to thank Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen didn’t claim the credit, however. They were all in the same boat after all. Everything he did was not just to help House Wei, but also himself. “Everyone, it is not time yet to feel relieved. Judging from that Pill Master Yu and Wei Tiantong’s words, Pill Master Yu was obviously a spy sent over from the Majestic Clan. Although these people have all been eliminated, the Majestic Clan may not necessarily decide to give up just like this!” Jiang Chen sounded the alarm for everyone.

Wei Tianxiao’s expression was dark. “The Majestic Clan is acting more and more outrageous lately. They’ve stretched their fingers so far that they reach even into House Wei.”

The Majestic Clan’s ambition is an open secret. This is obviously a sign that they are declaring war against the Coiling Dragon Clan!” Elder Zhuo also sighed.

“It would seem that the competition to become the number one clan will only grow more and more intense in the future,” Elder Feng also nodded.

The look in Wei Tianxiao’s eyes was deep as it fell on Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng for a very long time. Finally, he spoke seriously. “Elder Zhuo, Elder Feng, the threat in our family is temporarily removed after this battle, but there are still some things that I must say now as the house lord. No matter what happens, House Wei will not change their allegiance to the Majestic Clan. Even if the Coiling Dragon Clan falls from the limelight in the future, even if the Coiling Dragon Clan fell from the number one clan to the last ranking clan, House Wei will never abandon the Coiling Dragon Clan unless they’ve thrown us out the door themselves!”

His tone was exceptionally firm when he said this.

Elder Zhuo sighed softly. “House Lord, we didn’t harbor any such thoughts from the beginning. We just had an agreement with Wei Tiantong to rent the shop in Farmer God Market to House Tong. Thankfully, we managed to redeem ourselves in the end and stop from committing such a huge error. We had absolutely no intentions of turning traitor against the Coiling Dragon Clan, much less submit to the Majestic Clan.”

“Elder Zhuo is correct. I, Wei Feng will never commit such a treacherous act. House Lord, the reason House Wei was able to become a ninth rank aristocratic family is largely due to the Coiling Dragon Clan’s aid. Although the Coiling Dragon Clan has been slightly low key as of late, this may just be an act to fool their enemies. They may yet soar to the heavens and stand above all other clans one day!” Elder Feng also expressed his open support of Wei Tianxiao’s decision as the house lord.

Wei Tianxiao felt much better after hearing Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng’s declarations. The grave internal threat, Wei Tiantong, had been eliminated, and Elder Feng and Elder Zhuo had changed their stances from neutral to supporting him, the house lord. House Wei had finally regained its order. As long as House Wei stood together, they feared no one at all.

Wei Tianxiao was feeling very cheerful, but he hadn’t forgotten that Jiang Chen was the one who’d contributed the most to their success. He smiled and came over to take Jiang Chen’s hand. “The greatest contributor in regaining order in House Wei is without a doubt Pill King Zhen. Don’t you think so, everyone?”

Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng both nodded.

“Pill King Zhen not only possesses brilliant, heaven defying skills, but is also a highly capable person who managed to turn the tides against Wei Tiantong. I thoroughly bow to him.” Elder Zhuo had accepted Jiang Chen from the bottom of his heart. His grandson Wei Mo had improved noticeably after he had obeyed Jiang Chen’s secret ‘prescription’ for the past two days. After consuming Jiang Chen’s pills, even the gods looked like they were on Wei Mo’s side as his grandson began showing signs of a breakthrough.

As for Elder Feng, he hadn’t believed in Jiang Chen’s abilities at all at the beginning, but now he too was impressed from the bottom of his heart. Not only had his disciple Mu Ge recovered under Jiang Chen’s treatment, his cultivation had even progressed. Not only was the elder thoroughly admiring of Jiang Chen, he was also immensely grateful for the pill king’s assistance. “House lord, you were saying that Pill King Zhen intends to work with our House Wei? What exactly do you mean by that? I’m truly looking forward to it,” asked Elder Feng.

“Come, let’s discuss things inside.” Seeing that the dust had settled and knowing that there would be no obstacles whatsoever in the path of cooperation with Jiang Chen, Wei Tianxiao couldn’t help but feel very cheerful.

The death of Wei Tiantong meant that the six great leaders in House Wei had dwindled down to four. Since Jiang Chen shared a great relationship with all four leaders, this also meant that their partnership was confirmed in a joyous atmosphere. House Wei would be responsible for providing the shop and raw materials for the pills, while Jiang Chen would be responsible for providing the technique and manpower. All income would be split fifty fifty. If this deal had been brought up before the Wei Tiantong incident, it would’ve been very difficult for Jiang Chen to convince either Elder Zhuo or Elder Feng to enter into this agreement with his current identity of an unknown second rank pill king.

But after witnessing Jiang Chen’s abilities with their own eyes, both Elder Zhuo and Elder Feng had become a diehard fan of ‘Pill King Zhen’. Moreover, the plans Jiang Chen had outlined for his pill shop also convinced everyone in House Wei and showed them a bright, perfect future. It was only a short while ago that Jiang Chen’s Half-step Immortal Elixir Pill had played an absolutely critical role in the suppression of Wei Tiantong. If Jiang Chen hadn’t told them to consume the pill earlier, they would’ve suffered a great disadvantage under the effects of Pill Master Yu’s poison formation. It was obvious that this Half-step Immortal Elixir Pill was much more effective than the traditional version. There was no doubt that this pill would herald a bright future if it was released to the market.

Jiang Chen also passed on the first list of necessary ingredients to House Wei. They agreed to officially open the shop in half a month. House Wei would be responsible for marketing and promotion, while Jiang Chen would be responsible for refining the pills.


Inside the main residence of the Majestic Clan. The Majestic clan lord had summoned a few of his aristocratic family house lords for a meeting. “So Wei Tiantong was just useless trash in the end.” The clan lord sighed softly, his voice revealing a hint of disappointment.

“Father, something’s not quite right here. According to my understanding, Wei Tiantong should’ve easily taken control of the situation, so why did he have the tables turned against him all of a sudden? There must be a deeper reason behind this.” The clan lord’s son, Wang Teng, was the first to speak up.

“I shall send someone to investigate into this matter, of course. However, Wei Tiantong’s failure has disrupted our plans, especially in regards to House Wei’s shop in Farmer God Market. I was planning to use that shop to do a little something special, but now that Wei Tiantong has failed, it is highly unlikely that Wei Tianxiao would ever rent that shop to us,” Clan Lord Wang Ting pondered.

“In my opinion, there’s no need for us to show them too much courtesy. If they will not submit to us willingly, then we should force them to.” The suggestion given by the lord of House Tong was incredibly aggressive.

The lord of House Sikou, Sikou Yuan, also echoed this suggestion with expectant eyes. “Clan Lord, perhaps we should put on a show of force for House Wei and teach them a lesson or two.”

House Sikou and House Wei were ancient enemies to begin with, and House Sikou had been suffering from bad luck recently. They still had no leads whatsoever from the Myriad Puppets Pavilion robbery, and this failure had caused a bit of anger to accumulate in Sikou Yuan’s heart. His anger might subside a little if his sworn enemy, House Wei would suffer some misfortune as well.

Wang Teng also looked eager. “Why don’t you leave this to me, father? I guarantee that I’ll force their obedience in full.”

The clan lord mulled over the suggestion for a moment, but ultimately shook his head. “Teng’er, small skirmishes are of no importance, but if you were to oppress House Wei openly, the Coiling Dragon Clan won’t just sit by and watch it happen. After all, House Wei is one of their central supporters.”

Wang Teng seemed to agree with his father after thinking over the matter for a bit, but his eyes glittered with his next question. “Father, what on earth is that Coiling Dragon Clan planning?”

The Coiling Dragon Clan had always been the indisputable number one clan in the entirety of Veluriyam Capital. Their status in Veluriyam Capital was as high as one could imagine, and although they had been extremely low key for the past few years, they were still the premier clan in Veluriyam Capital in many people’s eyes. The Majestic Clan might be hotly ambitious, but even they didn’t dare to tear down all pretenses of cordiality before the time was right. However, it was extremely odd that the Coiling Dragon Clan, the foremost clan in Veluriyam Capital, would act so low key for the past few years.

Despite their thirst to become the top clan in Veluriyam Capital, even the internal ranks of the the Majestic Clan weren’t sure why the Coiling Dragon Clan had acted so low key. Because of this, the Majestic Clan was wary despite their eagerness to replace the Coiling Dragon Clan’s position.

Chapter 752: The Veluriyam Pagoda

Both the House Tong and Sikou were diehard loyalists to the Majestic Clan, and understandably wanted it to replace the Coiling Dragon Clan’s position in the capital.

“Clan lord, I hear that the lord of the Coiling Dragon Clan has entered a bottleneck in his cultivation which he cannot progress past. His lifespan cannot increase, and he has been fully focused on a breakthrough in recent years to do so. Is this rumor true?” The lord of House Tong asked probingly.

Sikou Yuan nodded as well, “I have heard of this rumor also. The Coiling Dragon clan lord is at his wit’s end, and his strength has almost left him entirely. There are several others with the qualifications for the next clan lord, accompanied by much internal strife. The Coiling Dragon Clan has no energy to focus on the affairs of the Veluriyam Capital. Is all of this true?”

Though they were only ninth-ranked houses, they were still privy to a few secrets of the great clans. Information about the Coiling Dragon Clan’s lord occasionally circulated the upper echelons of the Veluriyam Capital, but its authenticity was never known. They wished to receive a definite answer from the Majestic Clan’s lord, but they were doomed to disappointment. A faint smile hung on the Majestic Clan lord’s face, its meaning uncertain.

“Clan Lord?” The lord of House Tong was unwilling to give it up.

The lord of the Majestic Clan spread his hands, his lips curved slightly. “Next year, the Veluriyam Pagoda opens once again. All seven of the emperors must attend the ceremony. The same is true for all the leaders of the notable factions. All rumors will be confirmed or not then.”

The Veluriyam Pagoda? The expressions of all present tensed at those words, a sense of fascination surfacing. The symbol of the Veluriyam Capital, the Pagoda held the empyrean decree and relic that had belonged to the Veluriyam King of yore. The light and miracles from the Veluriyam King had shone upon the fortunes of the Veluriyam Capital for a hundred thousand years. Every resident of the capital held the Pagoda in highest faith and regard. It was the ultimate totem in their hearts. However heinous or benevolent one was, the Pagoda was held as a mark of pride. The people’s hearts were universally filled with fervor and fanaticism towards it. The Veluriyam Pagoda commanded unshakable devotion from the Capital.

The Pagoda opened for a single year every sixty years. During the entire period of its opening, the Capital celebrated their grandest and most festive holiday. From the Titled Great Emperors at the top to the ordinary peasantry at the bottom, everyone was filled with anticipation for the year in which the Pagoda opened. The Pagoda was composed of a main pagoda and two ancillary pagodas.

Standing at the very center of the city, the main pagoda was sacrosanct and inviolate. No matter what vantage point one was at in the capital, the sacred Veluriyam Pagoda rising to the heavens from the center of the city was always visible. The two ancillary pagodas flanked the main pagoda from the left and right.

One was the Pill Pagoda, and one was the Martial Pagoda. True to their names, the Pill Pagoda opened for those advanced in pill dao, and likewise the Martial Pagoda, for martial dao. The opening of the Veluriyam Pagoda was split into three stages.

The first stage was the opening of the Pill Pagoda.

The second, the Martial Pagoda.

Only the third stage was the opening of the main pagoda.

Not everyone had the right of entry to the three pagodas. There was a grueling series of contests, filtering away the chaff at every layer, until a limited number of such privileged candidates arose. This sort of competition was very fierce, largely because of the extremely controlled availability of entries as well as the timeframe—threescore years was a long time.

To receive the right of entry was a paramount glory. Not only that, but the ability to cultivate inside the pagoda was a great reward as well. One day within was equivalent to a fortnight without. Thus, all of the pill and martial dao geniuses of the Veluriyam Capital saw the Pagoda’s quota as a superb honor. Their energy was fully saved up in order to secure a spot.

Both the house lords of Tong and Sikou were uncommonly elated at the news of the Pagoda’s opening. The Majestic Clan lord’s gaze swept past their faces. “The geniuses from the Coiling Dragon Clan have taken first place in the last three consecutive terms. That is the reason they are considered the foremost clan of the Veluriyam Capital. If we are to overtake the Coiling Dragon Clan, we must completely crush them in the competitions to enter the Pagoda. Otherwise, the thought of becoming the foremost clan is nothing but hot air.”

Infected by emotion, the house lords present all rushed to express their loyalty.

“Let the clan lord bear witness, all the geniuses of House Tong will fully exert their strengths!”

“We at House Sikou will not hold our faction back!” Not wishing to fall behind, the other house lords thumped their chests as well in guarantee.

Finally, the Majestic Clan lord settled his gaze on his son, Wang Teng. “Teng’er, I leave the matter of House Wei in your hands. However, you must remember, before we shed all pretenses with the Coiling Dragon Clan, you cannot openly use force. Instead, you must use your wits, so as not to leave a source of gossip.” The Majestic Clan lord was quite satisfied with his son. He wished to use this as an opportunity to test him, to see if his son was worthy of weighty tasks.


As time passed, the day for the grand opening of Taiyuan Tower approached ever closer. Jiang Chen’s time passed in a very fulfilling manner. He would spend at least half his days on training his fellow sect members from Regal Pill Palace to become professional pill masters. After witnessing them firsthand, his peers all held Jiang Chen’s pill dao skills in heartfelt reverence, and they were wholly grateful for his tutelage. They learned with great haste and concentration.

This was also to their great fortune. The Jiang Chen from his previous life would not even accept them as herbal apprentices, much less tutor them personally. Shen Trifire’s fire constitution revealed its advantage now. His increase in ability could only be described as miraculous, and he almost seemed to match the Elder Yun Nie of yesteryear. Jiang Chen was very satisfied with his speed.

Rong Zifeng and Ouyang Chao closely followed after Shen Trifire. However, though they were quite talented as well, Shen Trifire still forged ahead. Jiang Chen did not demand much more of them. Difficult work must be slowly trudged through. There were many days ahead of them, and under his guidance, it would be more difficult for them not to progress. “Trifire, your talent is outstanding and greatly surprising to me. I hope that in three months, you can become skilled enough to pass the pill king test in Veluriyam Capital.”

“Pill king?” Shen Trifire was mildly taken aback.

Jiang Chen grinned slightly. “Don’t be surprised. I say these words to you alone. Though Rong Zifeng and Ouyang Chao are reasonably talented as well, I doubt they will be able to pass the pill king test even in three more years. But you… you are different. In terms of talent, yours is comparable to Mu Gaoqi’s. Though his natural gifts are measurably better than yours, what is lacking in natural temperament may be made up through learning. In particular, your talent in this area is exceptional, and I look forward to your future achievements in the art of pill dao.” His speech was almost like that of a senior to a junior.

However, Shen Trifire didn’t feel uncomfortable in the slightest. How could he not see Jiang Chen’s talent after all this time? Jiang Chen’s pill dao knowledge was more vast than all of the elders at Herbal Hall put together! The skills that Jiang Chen had showed at the Regal Pill Palace were only the tip of the iceberg. How laughable that he had tried to challenge Jiang Chen at the time with the bet and the pill competition. It’d ended in embarrassing loss, but he was only thankful it hadn’t been worse.

Shen Trifire was sure by now that though Jiang Chen was only senior brother by name, he should be treated as a venerated master, perhaps even a forefather of pill dao. Following Jiang Chen would result in a future brighter than Regal Pill Palace’s by a hundredfold!

“Trifire, I have only one thing to ask of you. No matter how great your accomplishments in the future, never forget that you are a disciple of Regal Pill Palace. You have a mission to restore the Palace. Perhaps it is not yours alone, but you must remember it eternally.”

“Senior brother Jiang Chen, that Shen Trifire is here today is completely thanks to Regal Pill Palace. A man must show gratitude, how would I forget the sect’s nurturing kindness? As long as I still draw breath, I will not forget the sect!”

“Very good,” Jiang Chen nodded, “I hope you quickly grow capable enough to stand on your own feet in the Veluriyam Capital. That would lighten my burdens a bit.”

Jiang Chen was helping his fellow sect members entirely out of moral considerations. He had no interest in a life of babysitting. If Shen Trifire could become strong enough to maintain Taiyuan Tower on his own, he had no qualms about letting Trifire take charge while he worked behind the scenes.

Jiang Chen took out two pill bottles, placing them on the table. “There are two pills here. One is the Origin Doubling Pill, and the other is the Holy Screening Pill. The Origin Doubling Pill allows you to raise your cultivation level within the origin realm without limitation once, and the Holy Screening Pill will give you a thirty to fifty percent increased chance to breakthrough to the sage realm!”

Shen Trifire was overjoyed. His eyes rolled wildly, glowing with excitement as he seemed to think of something.

“Trifire, if you wish to attain the title of pill king, your martial dao ability must be at least sage realm. You are only eighth level origin realm, so you cannot do so without outside help. I hope these two pills are of help to you!”

Refined from Firstcloud Dew, the Origin Doubling Pill had been given to Jiang Chen from Elder Yun Nie himself, three of them in total. One had been used by Jiang Chen himself, and another was given to Lordmaster Ye Chonglou. Jiang Chen had wanted to give the last one to Gouyu, or perhaps Xue Tong and the rest. But the ensuing changes in circumstance meant that he never had the chance to give the pill away. Now, Shen Trifire would make the most use of this remaining Origin Doubling Pill. As for Gouyu and Xue Tong, Jiang Chen would make it up to them through other ways.

Shen Trifire’s face was flushed red, his heart filled with eagerness and gratitude. There were a few hints of shame as well, upon remembering his opposition of Jiang Chen at the Palace. In that instant, he was at a loss for words. Buying popularity was not Jiang Chen’s intent. He was giving Shen Trifire these two pills out of realistic considerations, not because he wished to be repaid.

“Do well. I hope that you’ll reach sage realm earlier rather than later, and obtain a pill king’s token. With that token, no one will underestimate you anywhere in the world.”

“Senior brother, I am slow of tongue. You need only see my actions!” Shen Trifire nodded emphatically.

Smiling, Jiang Chen patted Trifire’s shoulder before he walked outside. He was greeted with the sight of Wei Jie’s arrival.

“Brother Zhen, I have some good news and some bad news. Which would you like to hear first?” Wei Jie opened with a playful question.

Jiang Chen started, glancing at Wei Jie in surprise. Playing a trick like this… he seems in a good mood!

Chapter 753: An Astonishing Secret

“Let’s have the bad news first,” Jiang Chen responded with a faint smile.

Wei Jie tittered, scratched his head, then spoke with a wry smile, “Let me give the good news first, because the bad news is related to the good news.”

Jiang Chen shrugged, “Stop with the nonsense, don’t waste time.”

Wei Jie laughed mischievously. He knew Jiang Chen wasn’t truly angry, but he still didn’t leave the other hanging any further. He said, “The good news is, the number one auction house in the Capital is going to hold an enormous auction tomorrow. I hear there will be quite a few good items on sale.”

“What about the bad news then?” Jiang Chen frowned.

“The bad news is, our house is only allotted two participating seats.” Wei Jie was obviously somewhat depressed when talking about it.

“What kind of auction is so upscale that even House Wei is only allowed two seats?” Jiang Chen found it hard to fathom. Since it was a large-scale auction, with House Wei’s status inside the Capital, they shouldn’t have been restricted to so few seats.

Wei Jie responded dejectedly, “This auction’s main theme is related to pills. Our House has had a rather weak presence when it comes to pills in the recent past, so it’s normal to be overlooked on the invitation list. Giving us two seats is already a show of respect for our status as a ninth-ranked noble house. Our House doesn’t have any pill kings, so no one would cry foul even if they didn’t allot any to us at all!”

Related to pills? Jiang Chen felt a twinge of interest when he heard this. The number one auction house in the Capital and an immense auction related to pills. Just these two things made Jiang Chen perk up with interest. He wanted to establish himself in the pill business inside the Capital, so a gathering like this was one he couldn’t miss no matter what. He’d already visited various shops in the Farmer God Market, but he could only observe and get to know part of the situation. Some details still required long-term observation before he could grasp them. This auction would be a perfect opportunity to observe the Capital’s pill world.

Wei Jie noticed Jiang Chen’s interest and hurried to say, “Brother Zhen, my father intends to give you one of these two seats no matter what happens. Only…”

“Only, I’m not your House’s guest pill king, so you’re also afraid it’d be hard to justify, correct?” Jiang Chen said, a hint of a smile floating on his lips. In fact, he was aware House Wei very much wanted to invite him to remain as a guest pill king. They were merely too embarrassed to ask him for now.

Wei Jie chuckled mischievously. “Brother Zhen, this thing is really a little hard say upfront. I already mentioned it to you last time, our House had a pill king before, but he passed away because of some old affair. So, every pill master in the Capital knows now there’s some danger in assuming the post of guest pill king in our House. That’s the reason why… our House didn’t dare request it of you.”

Wei Jie had already previously mentioned this matter. Jiang Chen had thought it curious back then, but hadn’t inquired too much. After all, he hadn’t known much about House Wei back then, and wasn’t much interested in becoming a guest pill king. Since he was working with House Wei nowadays, and also had some understanding of the house, Jiang Chen actually thought he wouldn’t object to becoming House Wei’s guest pill king. Only, he didn’t understand what kind of danger there could be in assuming the position.

Would the noble houses use pill kings as scapegoats in their conflicts? However, what did Jiang Chen have to fear even so? In contests between pill kings in the world of noble houses, he was truly unafraid of anyone. When it came to pill making, the pill king who could trounce him utterly probably hadn’t born yet on the Divine Abyss Continent.

“Young master Jie, you should know me by now. I’m not one to fear trouble, I only fear a lack of sincerity,” Jiang Chen faintly said.

Wei Jie froze, then hurried to explain, “Brother Zhen, we’re absolutely not hiding this from you on purpose. It’s just too awkward, too hard to ask you upfront.”

“What do you mean?”

Wei Jie thought for a moment then heaved a sigh. “With regards to this matter, our House in fact suffers from a great injustice. The reason why our House is in such an awkward situation is also related to it. You should be aware that we have thrown our lot in with the Coiling Dragon Clan. The reason why we became a ninth ranked aristocratic house, thanks to their assistance and protection. So our House is faithful and true to Coiling Dragon, our loyalty unwavering…”

Jiang Chen frowned, “Please get to the point.”

Wei Jie said with a wry smile, “Brother Zhen, this thing involves a secret. After I tell you, please never ever spread it around, or else all hell will break loose.”

Jiang Chen gave a slight nod.

“I have to start first by mentioning a secret of the Coiling Dragon Clan. Several decades ago, rumors developed that the clan lord of the Coiling Dragon Clan was at a bottleneck with his cultivation. the Coiling Dragon Clan’s clan lord is also the most senior and aged amongst all clan lords in the Capital. Rumors have it that he’s already past three thousands year old, while his cultivation has actually stopped at ninth level emperor realm. He’s missing a step and can’t rise to the realm of a great emperor.”

“The realm of great emperor?”

“Indeed. At the pinnacle of the emperor realm, one further step forward takes you to the great emperor realm. However, this step is one countless ninth level emperor realm powerhouses have failed to cross even after a lifetime of struggles. the Coiling Dragon Clan’s master is one of them. If he could cross this step, then he would be the eighth great emperor in the Capital. But if he can’t cross it, then it’s very possible he can’t even maintain his clan’s position as first in the Capital. Such is the ruthlessness in the world of martial dao, even more so in the Veluriyam Capital. A single step away, yet a thousand miles apart.”

Wei Jie heaved a sigh, his voice lamenting as he went on. “The Coiling Dragon Clan lord couldn’t surmount this step even after trying many secret methods. On a certain day ten years ago, he had the premonition that his cultivation would dissipate within a few decades. The dissipation of cultivation is the portent of life is drawing to a close.”

It wasn’t something Jiang Chen was unfamiliar with. An emperor realm’s cultivation dissipating was something he’d already seen inside the ruins in the Paramount Realm back in the Myriad Domain. Cultivation dissipating was the cruelest thing for a powerhouse of martial dao, and also the most inexorable thing. It signified life drawing to a close, that the cultivation accumulated throughout a whole life time would become fleeting as clouds when all was said and done.

Back when he’d been cultivating in the four great sects inside the sixteen kingdoms, Jiang Chen had once seen a Redscaled Firelizard tormented by a group of fire crows with lowly cultivation. Cultivation dissipating was akin to a tiger out of its mountain cave, trapped on flat plains. As inexorable as the sun setting in the west, as merciless as the finals days of a glorious hero.

Back in the Myriad Domain, the Great Cathedral’s Sacred Elephant head Xian Wentian had been nearing the end of his predestined life and was soon going to see his cultivation dissipated. That was the reason why he spared no capital to desperately buy a Longevity Pill. Xiang Wentian had been a mere ninth level sage realm, yet he still spared no cost and latched onto an opportunity to prolong his life. He wouldn’t let go of it no matter what. He turned hostile to whoever tried to compete with him.

Meanwhile, the Coiling Dragon Clan lord was a ninth level emperor realm cultivator. He was a great figure ruling the roost and riding the herd even in the whole of the Upper Eight Regions. Each and every one of his gestures were naturally even more far-reaching. One had to lament no choice but to lament when such a personage’s cultivation dissipated.

And so, Jiang Chen could understand Wei Jie’s sigh. This House Wei truly has bad luck. They aligned themselves with the Coiling Dragon Clan, then the clan lord’s lifespan drew to a close. They follow the Great Emperor Peafowl, but Emperor Peafowl’s direct disciple, young master Fan, also passed away. This House Wei must have stepped on some dog shit to have such a halo of bad luck.

“Young master Jie, what’s the relation between what you just said and your house’s pill king?” a distracted Jiang Chen asked, his train of thought coming back to the original issue.

“It’s related, highly correlated,” Wei Jie said with a sigh. “Back then, the various noble houses under the Coiling Dragon Clan were all dimly in the know. They all wanted to offer some contribution. Alas, it was because of our House’s eagerness to render service and gain merit that we trusted our guest pill king too easily back then. Maybe that guy went mad trying to fawn to a superior. He actually said he had some way, or maybe he was hopeful he could help the clan lord postpone the arrival of his cultivation dissipating…”

Jiang Chen understood the gist of things after hearing this. It sounded like House Wei had been conned by that hasty guest pill king. That was the reason why they found themselves in such a situation today, forsaken by all. So many things had happened, yet the Coiling Dragon Clan hadn’t even offered a word of sympathy. With House Wei’s status as a ninth ranked aristocratic house, they shouldn’t have received such a cold shoulder. It turned out that this was the problem!

“That pill king must have made a mess of things?” Jiang Chen said with a sigh.

Wei Jie’s smile was bitter, “Not only he made a mess of things, he even somewhat aggravated the clan lord’s situation! From there on, our House had also fell from grace in his wake. There are even people who said our House did it on purpose. There are those who wrongly accuse us of following orders from the Majestic Clan…”

“It’s really hard to reason with them even if you’re innocent.” Jiang Chen was actually a little sympathetic with House Wei’s bitter experience. It was just like yellow mud dropping onto one’s trousers. It was viewed as shit, even if it wasn’t.

“Isn’t it?” Wei Jie also felt a little wronged. “Our House is so loyal and true to the Coiling Dragon Clan, how could we be following Majestic Clan orders?”

“Did you investigate that pill king?” Jiang Cheng was curious. Even though there’s surely no issue with your House, you can’t guarantee there wasn’t any issue with that pill king.

“There shouldn’t have been any issue with that pill king either. After all, he’d been in our house for more than a hundred years. If there’d been a problem with him, it should have come to the fore long ago. No matter how treacherous the Majestic Clan is, they still couldn’t have planted a pill king in our House a hundred years beforehand, could they? Have you ever heard of such a far-reaching plan?”

That matter was clearly to be an unsolved case. Jiang Chen hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, so it was difficult for him to draw any conclusion from a few words from Wei Jie. Moreover, all this was water under the bridge. There was no medicine for regret, even if they talked about it over and over again. Jiang Chen didn’t plan on looking into ancient matters of the past.

“So how did that pill king die in the end?” This was Jiang Chen cared about. “Did the Coiling Dragon Clan order his execution?”

Wei Jie was dejected, “What’s truly depressing is that we don’t know either how on earth that pill king died. He just suddenly died one day in the streets.”

“How could that be?” A conflicted expression emerged on Jiang Chen’s face, “That’s even more detrimental to your House.”

“Isn’t it?! Him dying an obscure death, some people said our House did it to prove our innocence to the Coiling Dragon Clan. Some people also said that the Coiling Dragon Clan secretly gave the order, as not to make us lose too much face. Some others said the Majestic Clan were the one who dispatched people to do it, to strain the relations between our House and the Coiling Dragon Clan. All these sound credible, and they made our House’s situation more awkward day by day! Alas…” Wei Jie was often sighing now that his words had reached this part.

Obviously, the series of blows that House Wei suffered after that matter had greatly damaged the House’s vitality. They were caught between the Coiling Dragon Clan’s suspicions and the Majestic Clan’s threats interspersed with cajoling. House Wei was truly struck between a rock and a hard place, pressured on all sides.

Jiang Chen finally understood where House Wei’s awkward situation came from. No wonder no pill king was willing to come to House Wei. Who’d dare to? Who knew, one might well suddenly die in the streets one day, and one wouldn’t even know if one had been wiped out by the Coiling Dragon Clan or by the Majestic Clan, one’s death a puzzling, unsolved affair!

“Brother Zhen, I’m not trying to explain anything, and I’m even less trying to rope you in. These matters have been buried in our hearts and minds for truly too long. I grew up in such awkward circumstances, so I have a deep feelings about it. A grand scion of a noble house like me might not even have it as easy outside as a son from a lesser house!”

Chapter 754: Long Xiaoxuan About to Break Through

Wei Jie’s mood had clearly been agitated. He seemed a little emotional. Jiang Cheng could understand Wei Jie’s dejection. House Wei had been collateral damage in this matter from the very beginning, the most innocent of victims. The Coiling Dragon Clan lord might have been somewhat affected, but as a man with his cultivation on the eve of dissipating, it would take a heaven-defying method to reverse fate.

“Young master Jie, in your situation, you should in fact clearly explain yourself to the clan lord.” There were only so many suggestions Jiang Chen could offer.

“The clan leader is magnanimous. He is aware of our House’s loyalty. However, those beneath him don’t share the same views. People in the clan, and also the noble houses under the clan’s banner were jealous of our House’s status to begin with. They wouldn’t pass by an opportunity to supplant us. They slander and suppress us again and again. Even if we’re innocent, their wagging tongues make us guilty.”

Jiang Chen was also aware of the effects of slander. Situations like these truly couldn’t be explained away with a few words. House Wei’s awkward situation wasn’t one that could be overturned with the wave of a hand.

Wei Jie suddenly thought of something, his eyes betraying a little hope and eagerness. “Brother Zhen, I heard that back then in the Myriad Domain, you once refined a pill called the Longevity Pill that can prolong someone’s life for five to eight hundred years. Is that true?”

Jiang Cheng laughed in spite of himself. This Wei Jie’s schemes truly reached far enough, he even accounted for the Longevity Pill. He shook his head with a soft sigh. “The Longevity Pill is only useful for cultivators at the sage realm, it’s of no use to cultivators at the emperor realm. It might even worsen the situation instead.”

Hearing it might worsen the situation, Wei Jian couldn’t help but be reminded of his House’s previous pill king’s disaster. Once bitten, twice shy. His expression suddenly froze. “Is it absolutely useless?”

“It might possibly be somewhat useful, but there’s a greater probability of side effects occurring.” Jiang Chen knew Wei Jie was very keen on seizing the opportunity to restore their relationship with the Coiling Dragon Clan. Only, it wasn’t something he could achieve with the Longevity Pill, because the Longevity Pill was only suitable for sage realm cultivators. There was actually a pill that could extend an emperor realm cultivator’s life. It was called the Pine Crane Pill. Jiang Chen even had one of the two main raw materials required: the first sky-level spirit plant he’d obtained from Mt. Rippling Mirages—the Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine. That pine’s cone was one of the main materials required to refine the Pine Crane Pill.

As to the other ingredient, it was a Goldencrown Cloudcrane’s heart, also a spirit beast very hard to come by. The Goldencrown Cloudcrane might not be the Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine’s match when it came to rarity, but when comparing them one to one, a Goldencrown Cloudcrane’s heart was even more precious than a Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine cone. After all, one Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine could produce many pine cones, while a Goldencrown Cloudcrane only ever have one heart.

Of course, this thing was a mere passing thought in Jiang Chen’s mind. He didn’t even plan on refining the Longevity Pill, to say nothing of an earth shattering pill like the Pine Crane Pill. His identity would inevitably be exposed as soon as he refined the Longevity Pill. It was hard to tell how many people would keep a close watch on him by then. Not to mention that the Pine Crane Pill was a pill at least ten times more valuable than the Longevity Pill. With Jiang Chen’s status and identity, he simply couldn’t handle everything the Pine Crane Pill would bring with it. Even House Wei wouldn’t be able to. This matter might be somewhat possible only if Jiang Chen were to cooperate directly with the Coiling Dragon Clan.

However, no one could read a man’s heart. Jiang Chen had already suffered once because of the Longevity Pill. It was unrealistic to ask him to take out the Pine Crane Pill now for no rhyme or reason. Let alone, amongst the materials needed to refine this Pine Crane Pill, the Goldencrown Cloudcrane’s heart wasn’t easy to collect at all. He had no desire to leap into a quagmire of his own volition.

“Then, Brother Zhen, will you sell Longevity Pills in Taiyuan Tower? If you sell it, I fear you’ll be immediately recognized. It’d be detrimental to you.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, “I will refine the Longevity Pill in the future, but the time isn’t ripe yet.”

“It’s better this way. The Veluriyam Capital might be formidable, but it’s still hard to guard against the Eternal Celestial Capital and the Ninesuns Sky Sect secretly causing trouble.” Wei Jie nodded in understanding.

That was one of the reasons why Jiang Chen rather appreciated Wei Jie. At the very least, this young man knew discretion, knew the importance of things, knew when to advance and knew when to retreat. He wouldn’t force someone into something. He could put himself in the other’s shoes and think from their point of view. That was a virtue rarely seen from the scions of noble houses. “Young master Jie, tell your father when you go back that if your house doesn’t find me lacking in qualification, I’m not opposed to being House Wei’s guest pill king.”

Wei Jie was overjoyed when he heard. “Brother Zhen, are you serious?”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly, “Do you think I’m someone to speak recklessly?”

Wei Jie slapped his thigh. “That’s great! I never dared to ask you upfront out of fear I’d implicate you. But in fact, you might not necessarily be in such a great danger.”

Jiang Chen smiled. “I came all the way here from the Myriad Domain. Do you think the path was lacking in danger? Am I not still here anyway?”

“That’s true, but you still need to be on your guard. How about I send you my personal butler and protector Qixia so he can act as your bodyguard?” Wei Jie suggested.

“No need for that.” Jiang Chen waved it off, his refusal firm. Wei Qixia might be a powerhouse at the first level of the emperor realm, but Jiang Chen truly had no use for him. If there were a situation he himself couldn’t handle, then one more Wei Qixia would also be useless.

Their conversation concluded, Wei Jie went back home in high spirits, carrying good news with him. The benefits of having Jiang Chen as their House’s guest pill king was obvious for all to see. House Wei was going to break away from the awkwardness of not having a pill king, while his House’s pill business would once again go back on track. Everything was developing in a favorable direction!

Wei Jie felt his entire body overflowing with enthusiasm and motivation. His feelings for Jiang Chen nowadays were almost akin to adoration and blind trust already. In particular, that scene Jiang Chen had defeated Pill Master Yu had made Wei Jie realize even more deeply that this genius from the Myriad Domain, who’d hacked his way through a mountain of corpses and blood, would also one day illuminate the Capital with his extraordinary abilities. He’d been fortunate enough to meet such a genius. It that wasn’t luck, then he didn’t know what luck was. House Wei might still be in a difficult spot for now, but Wei Jie firmly believed that they was bound to soar in Jiang Chen’s wake, ascending like a boat rising with the tide.

Jiang Chen was about to cultivate after seeing off Wei Jie when Long Xiaoxuan transmitted a message to Jiang Chen, “Young master Chen, I think I’m going to break through to the emperor realm. You better find a place and make some preparations. Dragons breakthroughs come with a vast aura and momentum, so I don’t want to do it in the center of the Capital.”

Jiang Chen didn’t know if he should be happy or worried instead at the sudden news. He was happy because Long Xiaoxuan was finally breaking through after spending so long at the pinnacle of the sage realm. The dragon was definitely going to make a terrific hired thug as soon as he entered the emperor realm. With the dragons’ innate dominating power, Long Xiaoxuan could probably face a powerhouse at the fifth or sixth level emperor realm head on without falling downwind even at initial stage emperor realm, He might even withstand a later-stage emperor realm at the seventh level without suffering defeat.

After all, for the lineal descendants of the dragons, the higher their cultivation, the stronger the power of their bloodline would manifest, and the more ridiculous their fighting power would be. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Long Xiaoxuan would increase his fighting prowess tenfold in the blink of an eye after breaking through to the emperor realm.

His thoughts distracted for a moment, Jiang Chen then composed himself. He asked, “Brother Long, about how far off are you?”

“Somewhere between a month and three. Maybe even closer.”

Jiang Chen thought a moment. Taiyuan Tower’s grand opening was in three days. He would be relatively freer after that. When the time came, he would find a remote spot, deploy a concealing formation and suppress as much as he could the signs of Long Xiaoxuan’s breakthrough. Otherwise, the dramatic heaven and earth phenomena during a dragon’s breakthrough would certainly attract attention from all parties. He didn’t want Long Xiaoxuan to stir up a hornet’s nest.

Jiang Chen nodded. “Leave it to to me. After you break through to the emperor realm, your cultivation in the secrets of dragon shapeshifting should also come to fruition. By then, you can transform into human shape and move about in broad daylight inside the Capital without needing to worry like now.”

Long Xiaoxuan snorted softly, “This world full of mundane temptations might not be to this dragon’s liking anyway.”

Dragons were ever like thus, haughty, posers. Jiang Chen didn’t believe Long Xiaoxuan would ever come to dislike the mortal world. He chuckled mischievously, “We’ll see when the time comes whether you like it or not. Don’t tell me you want to be always hiding. Isn’t that really boring?”

“Don’t delay with the preparations,” Long Xiaoxuan snorted, but he didn’t say anything further.

Wry disgruntlement mingled with happiness in Jiang Chen’s sigh, “I never thought I would be fated to a life of playing nanny. I have to worry about my fellow sect disciples, and now that it’s over, I have to worry about these guys instead.”

Long Xiaoxuan breaking through the emperor realm was good news when all was said and done. It would have spared him a lot of trouble when he came to the Capital if Long Xiaoxuan had already broken through to the emperor realm back in the Myriad Domain. Jiang Chen silently sighed with emotion. In spite of himself, his thoughts veered to those people from the Regal Pill Palace. He wondered how they were now.

He hadn’t heard a word from Palace Head Dan Chi. Elder Yun Nie and Mu Gaoqi were certainly still in Veluryiam Capital, but he didn’t know whether House Sikou had sold them or kept them for themselves. This was also a matter he had to investigate as soon as possible. If House Sikou were using the two themselves, then he had to rescue them no matter what. Apart from Mu Gaoqi and Elder Yun Nie, there was also sister Ling Bi’er. Back the in the Regal Pill King Palace, when the several of them had separately returned to their own dwellings, Jiang Chen had been surrounded, Shen Qinghong captured, but Ling Bi’er had seized an opportunity to run away. He wondered where was Ling Bi’er nowadays?

Jiang Chen was rather concerned about Ling Bi’er. He knew that this frosty senior sister of his had tacitly pledged her heart to him already. Back then in that desperate situation in the Paramount Realm, Ling Bi’er clearly could have hoped to make good her escape alone, but she didn’t run away by herself. Jiang Chen wasn’t a dunce. How would he fail to see these feelings? Their friendship was something Jiang Chen had no reason whatsoever to disregard, to say nothing about the feelings between man and woman.

Apart from Ling Bi’er, there was also her father and her younger sister. The two of them should have come to the Veluriyam Capital and met up with him, but neither of them had arrived even after so long. Jiang Chen was also somewhat worried. Only, he had so many things vying for his attention at present. He was too busy to inquire about Ling Su and Ling Hui’er. He could only hope that they would arrive safe and sound, that the Eternal Celestial Capital or the Ninesuns Sky Sect hadn’t captured them. It would be enormous troubles otherwise.

Jing Chen mused for a moment, but he simply had too many things to attend to. So he simply stopped thinking about them, sat down cross-legged, and started cultivating. He hadn’t stopped his cultivation during these days. With the assistance from countless Heroic Sage Pills, his cultivation pace was blistering. He’d lacked resources before, but his cultivation speed had been frightening even back then. Now that his resources were abundant, his cultivation speed would naturally be surging. There were already faint signs of him breaking through the fourth level of the sage realm.

“Who knows. I might well first break through to the fourth level before Brother Long’s breakthrough!”

Chapter 755: Face Slapping At the Auction

Wei Jie cheerfully arrived at Jiang Chen’s residence the dawn of the second day. “Brother Zhen, father was up the entire night with happiness when he heard that you were willing to become a guest elder for House Wei. He has already prepared to announce the news on the opening day of Taiyuan Tower, as the icing on the proverbial cake. Announcing that you’re joining House Wei to all here in the capital and opening the store on the same day… we’ll make a grand ceremony out of it!” A joyous expression danced across his face. He was clearly in good spirits.

“Compared to Taiyuan Tower’s opening, the ceremony is of lesser importance. Preparations must be made, lest a few select stubborn ones come to cause trouble,” Jiang Chen smiled back.

“Father has thought of this as well. Certain precautions are already being put into place. Brother Zhen, the auction will start soon. Here are a hundred thousand saint spirit stones, as a token of our sincerity to you. Perhaps it will be useful at today’s auction. I have word from father that I can call for up to five hundred thousand saint spirit stones, as long as it is something Brother Zhen wants!”

Five hundred thousand saint spirit stones was equivalent to five million origin spirit stones. It was a princely sum. Jiang Chen could feel Wei Tianxiao’s sincerity. It seemed that House Wei had been wholly impressed by his actions during the conflict with Wei Tiantong. The generosity in House Wei’s goodwill was no longer simply enticement—it veered towards appeasement now. Having done so many things for House Wei, Jiang Chen was perfectly comfortable in accepting the money. He was neither embarrassed nor hesitant. He accepted the gift with a faint smile. “Young master Jie, please make sure to give your father my thanks when you return.”

“What is the point in thanks? You deserve it. The auction begins fairly early, so we should depart right now!” Wei Jie chuckled. Still engaged in conversation, they departed for the auction.

Joined Ridges Auction House, or Joined Ridges Pavilion, was the uncontested top dog of the auctioneering business in Veluriyam Capital. Accordingly, it was located within the most bustling market in the city—the Farmer God Market. Upon arrival, the duo discovered that the market was clearly even busier than usual. The auction seemed to have attracted quite a few people. Though not everyone could enter, that had no effect on the high passions of those present. Even without going inside, it was still good to experience the atmosphere from the door. Potential gossip about the secrets of the upper classes was even better.

The two of them encountered some of Wei Jie’s acquaintances on the way there. Jiang Chen astutely noticed they were polite but distant, whether by happenstance or on purpose. The situation facing House Wei was ample cause for caution. Close association with the house certainly had the potential to draw indirect heat. This distant behavior was not unusual to Wei Jie.

The two soon came to the entrance of Joined Ridges Pavilion. The auction house’s porter was very gracious, and didn’t trouble them solely because they were from House Wei. They were cordially escorted inside after handing in their invitation, an act that fully showed the establishment’s equanimity. The experience raised Jiang Chen’s opinion of Joined Ridges. This was the appropriate attitude that a leading member of any industry in Veluriyam Capital should have. Mistreatment due to background would have put Joined Ridges Pavilion’s purported history into doubt.

Past Joined Ridges’ doorway was an expansive courtyard. Many who came to participate in the auction were gathered here in twos and threes. Evidently, no one was permitted to go further before the auction’s formal commencement. It was one of Joined Ridges’ rules, one that no one was in a position to criticize. Besides, the courtyard was not simply a place to be idle. Various amenities were amply scattered around, alongside a liberal provision of snacks and refreshments. Seating was also adroitly placed throughout the area, organically blending in to the overall aesthetic.

“Let’s find a place to wait a while. It’ll be some time still before the auction begins.” Wei Jie scanned the surroundings and beckoned to Jiang Chen after finding a comparatively empty spot.

Just as Wei Jie was about to take a seat on a chair, a nearby person suddenly stumbled. The drink in his hand spilled outwards as he stumbled, splashing towards Wei Jie with a mind of its own. His reflexes swift, Wei Jie gracefully sidestepped, avoiding the liquid just in time. Only the tips of his shoes were sprinkled, but the remainder caught the chair he was about to sit in.

“My apologies, my apologies.” The person apologized incessantly before curving his mouth into a sudden smile. “Ho, isn’t this House Wei’s young master?” The man speaking was a youth, and looked a little younger than Wei Jie. He had a babyish face, but the negligent flash of a lazy smile tipped Jiang Chen off. He was definitely not as easy to get along with as he appeared.

“Younger brother Tong, your house is ninth-rank, right? Did you not have enough to eat? Is that why you can’t even walk straight?” Wei Jie frowned.

The youth was the son of House Tong’s lord, Tong Kun.

Tong Kun’s smiling face changed in a heartbeat as it sank. “Young master Wei, have you brushed your teeth this morning? Your mouth is rather foul.”

How could Wei Jie not see that Tong Kun was here intentionally to pick a fight? He sneered back, “Tong Kun, I have no interest in squabbling with a beardless youth like you. If you’re still up for it, then wait until we’re outside Joined Ridges Pavilion, I’ll be around anytime.”

It could be seen that Wei Jie had no love for Tong Kun. House Tong was a major faction under the Majestic Clan, and so they stood on different battlelines. In fact, it could be said that they were directly opposed. The fact that Tong Kun had deliberately tried to soil his clothing was something Wei Jie could figure out with his big toe. If he engaged Tong Kun here, then Wei Jie himself would be likely to lose face next. Thus, he didn’t dawdle on the topic, cleanly cutting off the conversation. Wait until we’re out of Joined Ridges Pavilion. Saying that was sufficiently forceful, but also placated Joined Ridges. It showed the auction house great respect.

Even Jiang Chen recognized the deftness of his words, his eyes appraising Wei Jie. He had always thought Wei Jie was too soft, and lacked authority and dominance. Now, it seemed that Wei Jie only expressed his dominance in front of enemies. He’d merely refrained from showing it to Jiang Chen. To be honest, Jiang Chen quite admired this kind of dominance. In this situation, harmony and conciliation would have caused Jiang Chen to dismiss the youth. This kind of obvious provocation wasn’t something that could be resolved via placating the enemy.

Sure enough, Tong Kun was unsure how to respond to Wei Jie’s retort. At this time, another youth clad in silver robes came over. His expression was cold and imperious, his eyes indifferent. He was the heir of House Sikou, Sikou Nan.

“Wei Jie, long time no see. Your temper seems to have grown.” Sikou Nan scrutinized Wei Jie from top to bottom, a challenge in his inspecting gaze. He acted as if this was the first time they’d met. Rubbing his forehead in pretense, Sikou Nan slowly declared, “If I remember correctly, today’s auction relates mainly to pills. Does House Wei have a presence in that industry that they can speak of? Or are you here just to watch the show?” The words were quite malicious, meant to destroy House Wei’s standing and cause them to lose face.

Tong Kun didn’t simply stand by, either. “Brother Sikou, the reason they’re here is to remind us they still exist despite their awful showing in pills! Otherwise, the entirety of Veluriyam Capital would probably forget that there was still a ninth-ranked aristocratic house called House Wei, hahaha!”

Sikou Nan laughed as well, “Younger brother Tong, your words are easily misleading.”

“Misleading how?”

“People might be misled into thinking that House Wei has an unearned reputation, and are unsuited to being counted a ninth-ranked house,” Sikou Nan chuckled.

“You can’t say that it’s misleading. If we’re talking about pills alone, then does House Wei have a right to be here? They haven’t had a pill king for so many years now, no? Joined Ridges Pavilion is generous enough in their willingness to give House Wei some face, but when all is said and done, isn’t it just a handout? Otherwise, a house with no pill king would definitely be disqualified from attendance. I hear that many eighth-ranked houses with pill kings of their own are greatly wanting for invitations, but haven’t received any! I wonder, does this situation count as an example of ‘occupying the toilet without doing the business’?” Tong Kun barked in laughter.

The duo’s banter caused those around them to erupt in raucous laughter. Though the subject of their conversation wasn’t relevant to the onlookers, it was still a fun spectacle to see a full-on brawl between ninth-ranked house scions. What bystander was scared of a good show?

Wei Jie was enraged. A feeling of shame crept up his heart. He was about to fire back a retort when he heard Jiang Chen’s soft laugh. “House Sikou and House Tong are certainly occupying toilets and doing business, alright. Two dense and smelly results are walking in front of me right this moment… how unappetizing.”

The crowd crowed in even greater laughter at these words. Jiang Chen had compared Tong Kun and Sikou Nan to shit! The rapidly escalating war of insults attracted attention from people that had paid no heed to the goings-on here before. Whose sharp tongue was this that lashed the young masters of Houses Tong and Sikou so? The roars of mirth caused Sikou Nan and Tong Kun to turn crimson with deep shame.

“And who are you, kid? There’s no room for lessers when their masters are talking.” In anger, Sikou Nan automatically assumed that Jiang Chen was Wei Jie’s servant.

“As I thought, heaps of shit lack even basic eyesight. If I were you, I would stay in the latrines. There’s no reason to show off your… ah, qualities… to other people,” Jiang Chen sighed.

Wei Jie took the opportunity to follow up. “Sikou Nan, Tong Kun, my words are the same as before. I’ll take you on anytime after we’re out of Joined Ridges Pavilion. Also, wash the idiocy out of your eyes. This here is a pill king that House Wei invited, and our honored guest, not some servant. Remember, don’t tell such stupid jokes next time—House Wei has a guest pill king!”

Sikou Nan and Tong Kun were stupefied. They had greatly ridiculed House Wei’s lack of a pill king only moments ago and used that as a basis to claim the house had no right to be here. But in the blink of an eye, a guest pill king of House Wei had appeared. It was a biting slap to the face. The pair’s faces smarted with pain as they stood here, momentarily lost for words.

Chapter 756: The Young Lord of a Clan

Just when the situation was looking a little awkward, a new disturbance suddenly started from the crowd. A path automatically appeared in the crowd. A young man dressed in expensive brocade walked over while being escorted by several guards. Jiang Chen immediately recognized this young man at first glance. It was the Wang family descendant he’d seen back at the entrance to House Wei’s shop, the son of the Majestic Clan lord. No wonder he had showed up in such a high profile manner!

“You’re here, Brother Wang. This House Wei boy is a savage! I think he needs a good beating,” Tong Kun shot a malicious glare at Wei Jie.

The young lord of the Majestic Clan slowly walked over. He carried with him the bearing of a superior, so much so that even Jiang Chen was secretly inwardly surprised. This young lord of the Majestic Clan actually seemed to be as powerful as the Ninesuns Sky Sect’s true disciple, Cao Jin!

If the descendent of a clan could possess the cultivation level of one of the ten true Ninesuns Sky Sect disciples, then what about the seven emperor’s successors and the true emperor level young lords of Veluriyam Capital? For a moment, even Jiang Chen was impressed by Veluriyam Capital’s strength. He had only a vague idea as to how much stronger Veluriyam Capital was compared to a first rank sec for the longest time. It was only now that there was a real comparison that he understood it for real.

Although the young lord of a clan possessed great status, they were ultimately incomparable to the greatest young geniuses of Veluriyam Capital. The seven emperors were the rulers of Veluriyam Capital, and the young lords beneath them should be the true greatest geniuses in the entire Veluriyam Capital. If this was true, then Veluriyam Capital’s strength seriously wasn’t empty talk.

Although Wei Jie’s seventh level sage realm cultivation was quite impressive, his bearing and radiance was overshadowed by this Majestic Clan young lord. This Majestic Clan young lord was obviously well versed in creating an atmosphere for himself. The moment he appeared, he immediately gave off the aura of a protagonist and caused everyone around him to give way before they realized it. This alone showed that this Majestic Clan young lord was no ordinary person. One had to know, only the successors of the seven emperors and the emperor level young lords were normally qualified to receive such treatment.

“Wei Jie, isn’t it?” The young lord of the Majestic Clan swept a glance across Wei Jie. “Are the likes of House Wei planning to cause trouble at Joined Ridges Pavilion? Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Don’t bring trouble down on yourself,” Once done, he immediately walked past Wei Jie as if the latter was made of thin air. The young lord couldn’t even be bothered to lift an eyelid.

This scene angered Wei jie so much that he was one moment away from spitting blood. What do you mean bring trouble upon ourselves? It was the Majestic Clan’s dogs who were causing trouble? This is the pot calling the kettle black!

Jiang Chen was so angry that he smiled in response too. He had seen plenty of shameless bastards such as the Eternal Celestial Capital and the Ninesuns Sky Sect. But he had to admit that he had never seen someone quite as shameless as Wang Teng until today. He actually inverted the facts and accused Wei Jie of being the troublemaker who’d brought trouble on himself. “A thief’s bite sinks three inches into the bones. Did you learn something new today, young master Wei? The pot is calling the kettle black!” Jiang Chen sneered. His words were so loud that everyone present looked stunned by the outburst.

Is this guy really a House Wei pill king? How bold is he to openly contradict a clan’s young lord? Isn’t he just making himself miserable? As expected, Wang Teng’s footsteps came to a sudden halt. However, he didn’t turn around as he frowned and yelled, “Who the hell are you to speak out of turn?”

“Who the hell are you then? Since when are you qualified to point fingers at House Wei business? Are you a judge? Or are you the master of Veluriyam Capital?” Of course Jiang Chen wasn’t going to back down from this confrontation. He had seen people at least ten times better than Wang Teng. There was simply no way that a show off like Wang Teng was going to intimidate him.

Wei Jie obviously hadn’t expected Jiang Chen to stick by him so strongly. Now that things had come to this, he dared not showed weakness either, “Wang Teng, House Wei is not your subordinate. You’ve gotten the wrong family if you’re in the mood of scolding people. Anyone present today who isn’t blind would know that we aren’t the ones who picked the fight. If you’re planning to slander our House Wei and sully our name, then I can tell you that you’ve made a mistake.”

Wei Jie’s attitude caused great satisfaction among the crowd. The fight is on. Rumors were rife now that House Wei was planning to rebel against the Coiling Dragon Clan and pledge allegiance to the Majestic Clan instead. Although the news didn’t sound all that likely, there were some rumors that were pretty plausible. Now it would seem that this was not the case.

Wang Teng’s expression darkened, “Oh? Are you going to teach me how to behave, Wei Jie?”

Wei Jie was just about to speak when Jiang Chen stopped him and smiled faintly in response, “Whether you want to behave as a man or as a dog has nothing to do with us, so please keep your decision to yourself. If you’re that eager to flex your muscles, you may do so after your family has become the master of Veluriyam Capital, but that act is completely pointless for the nonce. We aren’t the type to suffer your nonsense. This is Joined Ridges Pavilion, and not even you can act as you like here.”

Wang Teng’s expression turned stiff. He seriously didn’t expect someone with a silver tongue like Jiang Chen to show up in support of Wei Jie. He had thought that he would be able to overwhelm Wei Jie with the momentum he had built. At very least, he thought that silencing Wei Jie wouldn’t be a problem at all. However, not only had his plan had ended in utter failure, he had even been ridiculed by his opponent and shamed greatly.

Wang Teng’s face chilled, and he was just about to scold Jiang Chen and Wei Jie when another person suddenly walked over. His tone was indifferent, “I see you haven’t grown up at all since we last met, Wang Teng. What, is it really that fun to flex your muscles at those beneath you? Is it really that enjoyable?”

Everyone at the scene fell silent when he said these words. Another great figure had shown up. He was young lord Ji San of the Coiling Dragon Clan. He was also one of the most outstanding young genius besides the young lords of the seven emperors in Veluriyam Capital!

Young lord Ji San’s sleeves danced gently in midair, and he appeared both charismatic and charming as he waved a paper fan in his hand. He was dressed in a set of loose, elegant robes that gave him a graceful and prominent appearance. When Wei Jie saw young lord Ji San, he went forward and greeted him politely, “Wei Jie greets young lord Ji San.”

Young lord Ji San was a member of the Coiling Dragon Clan, and he was at the very least Wei Jie’s boss in name. It was impossible for him to sit by and do nothing when he saw this. House Wei was the Coiling Dragon Clan’s subordinate in name no matter what. If he, a member of the Coiling Dragon Clan, were to sit by and do nothing while Wang Teng bullied House Wei, then it wouldn’t just be smearing House Wei’s reputation, but the Coiling Dragon Clan’s too. Therefore, young lord Ji San had absolutely no reason to overlook this confrontation.

Wang Teng himself seemed to realize that he would gain the upper hand now that young lord Ji San had arrived. Therefore, he sneered and said, “Ji Ole Third 1, House Wei nearly killed your clan’s old man, but I see that doesn’t stop you from protecting your subordinate.”

He was naturally referring to the old incident where House Wei’s former pill king had caused the Coiling Dragon Clan clan lord’s illness to worsen. Anyone else might not know about this, but Wang Teng wasn’t ignorant of the incident.

Young lord Ji San said coldly, “If you want to fight, then all you need is to say the word. I’ll keep you company as long as you like. But do keep those empty outbursts to yourself, Wang Teng. I can’t bring myself to stoop that low.”

One must say that none of these clan members were easy pickings. Young lord Ji San had forgone bickering and challenged Wang Teng to a fight the second he noticed that the situation was disadvantageous for him. He couldn’t be bothered to talk nonsense with Wang Teng, and his method of dealing with him was simple, violent and direct. By now, the members of other clans had shown up as well, and the members of Joined Ridges Pavilion soon showed up too.

“Please, both of you, show the Joined Mountain some face. Today’s auction is about to begin. You can vent all your grievances on the auction instead. I am sure that everyone will look forward to it.” This mediator was none other than the young lord of Joined Ridges Pavilion.

He was close acquaintances with both people, so he couldn’t take either sides. Left without a choice, he could only act as the mediator between the two. Thankfully, Joined Ridges Pavilion’s reputation possessed some measure of weight, and be it the Coiling Dragon Clan or the Majestic Clan, none of them were willing to offend such a heavyweight without good reason. Young lord Ji San raised a cupped fist salute, “I shall give Joined Ridges this face.”

Wang Teng sneered at did the same, “I have no intentions of causing trouble at Joined Ridges Pavilion either.”

Joined Ridges’ young lord chuckled, “Thank you for your understanding. The auction is set to begin, so please come into the hall! I hope that you’ve all brought enough spirit stones, and that you will spend them happily, hahaha!”

This young lord of Joined Ridges Pavilion was obviously the type who was very good at doing business. He was also good at speaking in public, and he gave off a very smooth air.

Young lord Ji San cast a glance at Wei Jie and nodded. He didn’t say anything else and walked into the hall. Wei Jie himself understood that there was no need for him to explain anything to young lord Ji San in this situation, so he smiled at Jiang Chen once and the two entered the hall together.

There was great meaning behind the auction’s seat arrangements. The seats of the great clans, ninth rank aristocratic families and eighth rank aristocratic families were all reasonably arranged. No one could pick any fault from the arrangement even if they wanted to. House Wei’s seat was among the ninth rank aristocratic families, and they were considered as one of the more famous families too.

Since the participants of this auction were all forces of Veluriyam Capital, the organizers didn’t bother too much with privacy. They hadn’t prepared any private, secret rooms for any powers either. There were some important auctions in which processes were managed with tight security. In those type of auctions, every power that participated in the auction would be given a private room. This was to keep the participants separate and protect their safety. Today’s auction didn’t need such a measure, however.

The auction quickly began after everyone had taken their seats. To everyone’s surprise, the young lord of Joined Ridges Pavilion had made a rare appearance as the host of the auction. This demonstrated just how much effort Joined Ridges Pavilion had put into making this auction grand. “Everyone, today’s auction is a little rushed, but we’ve notified all reputable powers in Veluriyam Capital,” The young lord smiled as he spoke with a clear and bright voice, “There are plenty of things that will be auctioned in today’s auction. My only hope is that you’ve all brought enough spirit stones to show off the grace of wealthy powers to us Joined Ridges!”

Jiang Chen sent a message to Wei Jie, “Is anyone from the seven emperors attending this auction?”

Wei Jie shook his head, “The seven emperors sit high and above their thrones, and they very seldom get themselves involved in the worldly matters of Veluriyam Capital. The same goes with their successors. The seven emperors can obtain their successors anything they want, so they don’t need to worry about such matters at all.”

Jiang Chen gave the thought a moment and agreed with Wei Jie. The successors of the seven emperors were the topmost existences in the entire Veluriyam Capital. There was no need for them to fight for the things they needed personally.

Where would one find a resource in the entire Veluriyam Capital that wasn’t earmarked for their needs first? They only needed to ask if they wanted anything, there was no one beneath them who dared withhold the goods they requested. It was at this moment the young lord of Joined Ridges spoke up once more, “Today’s auctioned item is a space lockdown glyph. The initial price of this item is one million saint spirit stones. All bids must not be lower than increments of ten thousand saint spirit stones.”

Chapter 757: Three Longevity Pills!

Space lockdown glyph? That set the crowd on its ear. An escape glyph was an item commonly seen in auctions, but a space lockdown glyph was a rare treasure. They seldom appeared in auctions. But the first item of the day was already a space lockdown glyph. Didn’t that instantly elevate today’s auction to a whole new level? Even Jiang Chen was rather surprised.

A space lockdown glyph was much more valuable than an escape glyph of the same grade. The first item on auction was already so luxurious, it seemed today’s auction would be a high class one indeed. However, Jiang Chen still didn’t have much interest for this space lockdown glyph. He did have the one million saint spirit stones, but he wasn’t planning on spending them like this. Not to mention, this was merely the starting bid. The price would increase further afterwards.

Indeed, just as he expected, all the rich folk in the Capital were quite crazy. Crazed bidding swiftly drove the price above the two million mark. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but admire these people’s pockets. Back then, one Longevity Pill selling for ten million spirit stones had caused a brouhaha across the whole Myriad Domain. Ten million spirit stones was the equivalent of a mere million saint spirit stones. Those moneybags though, they’d casually raised the price to two million!

Jiang Chen was hard pressed to discern which one was more precious out of a space lockdown glyph or a Longevity Pill, but if he had to choose one, he’d certainly choose the latter. After all, the Longevity Pill could prolong one’s life. That was an advantage no glyph or talisman could replace.

The emergence of the space lockdown glyph instantly ignited the atmosphere. The bidding very quickly stormed past two point eight million. In the end, a noble house’s scion won the space lockdown glyph for a steep three million. Jiang Chen quietly clicked his tongue in surprise. This was really too extravagant. Squandering three million on just a whim? Saint spirit stones at that! It was the same as thirty million spirit stones! He even saw the winner brim with excitement, as though he felt’d he won this glyph on the cheap! Jiang Chen suddenly had to reevaluate a ninth-rank noble house’s financial resources.

It seemed that even the Joined Ridge Pavilion’s young master wasn’t very satisfied selling a space lockdown glyph for three million. Jiang Chen heard him say, “Ladies and gentlemen, this space lockdown glyph was a mere appetizer, it seems your appetite haven’t been whetted yet! In that case, I hope our second item will be enough to put you in the mood!” He then deliberately left them hanging for a moment, sweeping his eyes through the crowd and back, a slight smile floating on his lips. Only then did he loudly say, “The second item, three mid-rank Longevity Pills! I trust everyone here has heard of the famous Longevity Pill. These pills come from the Myriad Domain. The news of their existence stirred a storm of blood in the Myriad Domain, while the sect possessing them suffered an even worse fate of complete annihilation! Haha, I’m not painting an exaggerated slaughter, I’m merely emphasizing the value of these pills to all of you. One Longevity Pill can extend the life of someone at the sage realm for five to eight hundred years. Reversing time, divine craftwork! One could even say it wrestles fate away from the heavens. Such a miraculous pill, I would like to ask all of you, can you feel its lure?”

Indeed, the scene rumbled with commotion as soon as the crowd heard the name Longevity Pill. All the participants started to whisper amongst themselves. This pill’s fame was clearly too resounding. It could turn back time and extend one’s life. It was something extremely tempting for anyone. Only the cream of the Capital was present at the scene, and the majority of them could hope to break through to the emperor realm. They wouldn’t possibly always stay in the sage realm. However, the two mere words “prolong life” were enough to make anyone crazy, to say nothing of all the rest.
Since ancient times, “death” was what men feared the most, whether for mortals or for cultivators. Prolonging one’s life, pursuing immortality, that was almost everyone’s dream. Cultivators defied the heavens and changed their own fates. Apart from their thirst for formidable martial power, their quest for immortality was also eternal. From scions of great clans to sons of noble families, all of them wore solemn expressions.

Everyone had more or less heard about the Longevity Pill, and they also knew the Myriad Domain’s Regal Pill Palace had been ruined because of it. It was impossible for a matter like this not to spread around the Capital. In particular, the Veluriyam Capital had been abuzz with the matter about the Eternal Celestial Capital and the Regal Pill Palace. Those present were all people of stature and power and had naturally heard about it.

All of them felt their heart suddenly tremble when they heard the Longevity Pills had made their way to the Veluriyam Capital. Even if they couldn’t use them themselves, everyone felt their hearts racing at the two words “prolonging life.” Even if they couldn’t use the pills, it would still be pretty good if they could buy a few and study them back home. They’d make a fortune if by any chance they could decipher this pill’s recipe. Sage realm cultivators were too many to count in this word. Who didn’t want to extend their lifespan? One could imagine the value of this pill even blindfolded!

It’s value didn’t merely lie in prolonging life. For the Veluriyam Capital, it had an even greater business opportunity, a tremendous opportunity! Even Coiling Dragon’s young master Ji San frowned, his heart stirred. Countless thoughts came and went in his mind. Longevity Pill, prolong life for five to eight hundred years! Ji San couldn’t help but be reminded of his clan’s lord! The clan master’s life was drawing to a close, his cultivation soon to dissipate!

If they could obtain this Longevity Pill and delay it… Though it was a pill for the sage realm, it might not be entirely useless for the emperor realm. They didn’t need five to eight hundred years. Even fifty to eighty years were enough! As long as they had time, the clan master could hope to break through the pinnacle of the emperor realm and stride into the great emperor realm. As long as he achieved the realm of a great emperor, his life would automatically be extended!

After all, three thousand years was the minimum lifespan for a great emperor. Most of them could live for five or six thousand years. Some ancient great emperor had even lived past ten thousand years old. Ji San felt a rush of excitement all of a sudden. Only, while those thoughts churned in his mind, he seemed to sense someone secretly observing him from the side.

As soon as the faint feeling came to him, Ji San detected it came from Wang Teng, Clan Majestic’s young lord! Ji San feigned ignorance, but his thoughts were grave. This Wang Teng must be aware of our Clan’s situation. The kid must have realized my intention already. He probably won’t stop at anything to bid against me! As though he were facing a mortal enemy, Ji San inwardly came to a firm resolution. He had to win these Longevity Pills no matter how much money he had to waste.

Meanwhile, Wei Jie was also a little curious. Fortunately enough, everyone’s attention was drawn away. No one could possibly be attending to him. As a result, no one noticed the inquisitive glance Wei Jie stole in Jiang Chen’s direction.

Jiang Chen extended his consciousness and swept it through the Longevity Pills on the stage. He was also secretly taken aback. None of these three Longevity Pills carried the slightest sign of his own refining. In other words, these three pills were not his own handiwork. He also remembered that out of the three pills he’d given to Palace Head Dan Chi back then, one of them was lower rank, the other two mid rank. The lower rank pill had been handed over to Honored Master Tian Ming from the Dark North Sect a long time ago. The palace head hadn’t fallen into the Eternal Celestial Capital’s clutches either, so they couldn’t have seized the other two pills. Did that mean that the Eternal Celestial Capital had refined these three pills on their own? Jiang Chen couldn’t help but admire the Eternal Celestial Capital’s efficiency. This manufacturing speed was simply astounding.

He’d left the recipe with the Regal Pill Palace while he spent two years in the restricted area inside the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect on Mt. Rippling Mirage, but the sect hadn’t been able to refine the Longevity Pill even after these two years. Meanwhile, how long had the Eternal Celestial Capital obtained the recipe? They refined it already, and they’d even taken it to the Veluriyam Capital to test the waters! One had to admit that the foundations of a first rank sect were indeed formidable. It wasn’t something the Regal Pill Palace could match.

Looking at the quality of these three Longevity Pills, though there was still some differences with a mid-rank Longevity Pill that Jiang Chen would refine himself, they were nevertheless genuine mid-rank pills.

Seeing the inquisitive glance Wei Jie snuck his way, Jiang Chen shook his head faintly and transmitted, “The Longevity Pill’s recipe has been seized by the Eternal Celestial Capital. These are pills the Eternal Celestial Capital brought here to test the waters. They have nothing to do with me.”

Seeing his own exclusive recipe seized by the Eternal Celestial Capital, seeing them refine the Longevity Pill and auction it right beneath his eyes, it was the same feeling as having his things snatched away and paraded right in front his face. One could imagine the depths Jiang Chen’s anger. However, he’d never imagined even Joined Ridges Pavilion would attach such high value to a few Longevity Pills. And judging from all those these bidders’ reactions, it seemed all of them also attached great importance to these pills?
Isn’t it merely extending the life of sage realm cultivators? Can they be under the impression it can also be used for the emperor realm? Jiang Chen had a little trouble understanding why these people would value it so strongly. In Jiang Chen’s memory from his former life, the Longevity Pill’s recipe wasn’t any extraordinary recipe. After all, the horizons of his former life far surpassed these.

The auction house young master was clearly whetting everyone’s appetite on purpose. He arrayed the three pills in his palm and displayed them several times in every direction. Only then did he smile and say, “I trust everyone already has a preliminary understanding of these Longevity Pills. Now, let’s begin the auction. The starting bid for these three Longevity Pills is five million saint spirit stones.”

Five million? Jiang Chen was slightly taken aback when he heard this number. Five million saint spirit stones, that was a whole fifty million origin spirit stones! Back when he’d auctioned a low-rank Longevity Pill, the Great Cathedral head’s Xiang Wentian had paid ten million origin spirit stones, but that was due to there being only one of them, leading to crazed bidding. Meanwhile, the starting price for these three middle-grade Longevity Pills was already five million saint spirit stones. Even per pill, the price was above sixteen million origin spirit stones! And this was merely the starting price. Even twice that number might not account for the final winning bid.

What intense profit! All of a sudden, Jiang Chen realized why these people would all be glaring at the pills like tigers eyeing their prey. As it turned out, they weren’t merely thinking about its life-prolonging use, but also about the business opportunity they represented! Three pills had already created such a situation, then if they were to be mass produced, it wouldn’t be making a profit anymore, but daylight robbery!

With a secret wry smile, Jiang Chen finally understood the twists and turns of these people’s thoughts. The Longevity Pill was a mere ordinary pill for him, but for the entire cultivation world, it was without a doubt a restricted pill difficult to acquire. What was a restricted pill? It simply meant an exclusive possession, one that couldn’t be sought, only stumbled upon.

“I bid six million!” Tong Kun of House Tong lifted high his placard, a faint smile on his face. He’d instantly upped a million as soon as the bid began.

“Seven million!” Sikou Nan wasn’t to be outdone.

Wei Jie was thoroughly dumbstruck when he heard these numbers. Since when had Tong Kun and Sikou Nan become so generous? These two guys had about the same status as Wei Jie. All of them were sons of noble houses. The money might not be an amount a noble house’s son couldn’t afford, but their outspoken boldness had already surpassed the style befitting noble house. Wei Jie was at a complete loss all of a sudden. The only thought he had was that the world had gone mad. He couldn’t make any sense whatsoever of what he was seeing!
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