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Chapter 758: Wang Teng’s Sinister Scheme

“Ten million!” An extremely resonant, unmistakable voice rose at the scene. One could immediately recognize young master Ji from the Coiling Dragon Clan. With this bid, the competition became even more crazy. A leap from seven million straight to ten million! Many noble sons had been eager to give it a try, but such boldness instantly made them throw the flag down in surrender. Are you kidding, ten million! It wasn’t something an average son of a ninth rank aristocratic house could usually afford!

On top of that, judging from young master Ji’s attitude, he was clearly determined to win no matter what. His air and manners suggested he would do in anyone who had the gall to go against him. Joined Ridge’s young master was flushed with delight when he heard that price. He said, smiling, “Young master Ji’s boldness is without compare, instantly catapulting the price to ten million. This extravagance is worthy of the number one heavyweight among all the heavyweights in our Capital! However, is there only one heavyweight in town?” His words were very unsubtle, extremely provocative, even. However, as the foremost auction house, they weren’t afraid of offending anyone.

Indeed, at his goading, another son of a great clan promptly called out, “Eleven million.”

“Very well, eleven million. The Steelwing Clan bids eleven million! That right there is the style of our Capital’s heavyweights. Any more bidders?”

Without even sparing a glance for his opponent, young master Ji lifted his hand and spoke, “Fifteen million!”

Everyone present was a wealthy dandy of a top-rate faction in the Capital. Who would be afraid? The temperament of a young master was clearly surfacing in young master Ji. A figure at his level would naturally not blame the young master of the Linked Ridge Pavilion for fanning the flames. That was what the auction business was all about to begin with. Nothing he did would be excessive. On such an occasion, the weapons one fought with were precisely boldness, wealth, and who possessed the strongest charisma. All of them were young masters from top-rate factions. It was a contest of ne’er-do-wells, and everyone was a troublemaker. Who was afraid of anyone?

“Haha, fifteen million. Worthy of clan that held the spot of number one in our Capital for more than a hundred years in succession! There’s simply no one who can obstruct this style, this bearing, this wealth!” Seeing young master Ji so obliging, the auction house’s young master sighed in admiration and publicly proclaimed the Coiling Dragon Clan as the number one clan. His words weren’t incorrect in any case. Indeed, in the Capital, the Coiling Dragon Clan was still the number one clan in name.

However, public ranking was one thing and what everyone thought in private was another. But in any case, the Coiling Dragon Clan was still the foremost clan in name. This was something no other clan could openly contest.

Only, these words had obviously made the Majestic Clan’s young master a little unhappy. As an underling, Sikou Nan immediately lifted his arm as soon as he saw Wang Teng’s expression sour. “House Sikou bids eighteen million!”

This bid created a commotion. House Sikou? House Sikou was a mere ninth ranked aristocratic house, were they openly challenging a great clan? It was a fight between scions of great clans, what was the trivial House Sikou butting in for? However, folks quickly understood.

House Sikou’s efforts were all for the sake of the Majestic Clan. They were embarrassing the Coiling Dragon Clan on purpose! In their opinion, the Majestic Clan’s young master was clearly the one who wanted to bid, but Wang Teng was for some reason, not acting personally. Instead, he was letting his subordinate do it in his stead, thereby grossing out young master Ji. Young master Ji, aren’t you a picture of poise and elegance? I’ll embarrass you and make you compete with my Clan’s underlings, I’ll infuriate you and make you look like a clown! This Wang Teng was extremely sinister.

Even Jiang Chen could tell that from his position in the rear. This Wang Teng was definitely embarrassing young master Ji on purpose by making House Sikou vie over the three Longevity Pills. On top of that, it was obvious Wang Teng had struck young master Ji’s soft underbelly. He knew the young master was determined to obtain the Longevity Pills no matter what, so Wang Teng was bidding like a madman, forcing young master Ji to constantly raise the price and act like a foolish wastrel. Jiang Chen frowned. He might not have much feeling for young master Ji, but Wang Teng’s actions were even more repulsive.

“Brother Zhen, you were saying that the Longevity Pill really is useless for emperor realm cultivators?” Wei Jie had noticed the problem therein. Seeing young master Ji’s attitude, he knew he wanted to use the pills to postpone the hour of the clan master’s cultivation dissipating.

“There’s no much use. There’s a greater probability of side effects occurring,” Jiang Chen’s answer was very firm.

“Then, should I tell young master Ji?” Wei Jie was a little hesitant, because there was now a clear split between House Wei and the Coiling Dragon Clan after the matter of the pill king. He wasn’t intimate with young master Ji either. The young master might not believe him if he were to speak at a time like this. If by any chance young master Ji’s thoughts took a crooked turn, he might even think Wei Jie was preventing him from obtaining the Longevity Pill on purpose. Then, he’d buy even more strongly into what people said about House Wei being the Majestic Clan’s agent. As a result, Wei Jie was a little conflicted. He didn’t want young master Ji to be taken advantage of and be made to endlessly raise the price, but he didn’t to be misunderstood either.

Jiang Chen saw Wei Jie’s expression wholehearted devotion and knew he was brimming with House Wei’s sense of loyalty. He glanced at young master Ji’s determined attitude. Secretly smiling wryly to himself, Jiang Chen transmitted his voice, “Wei Jie, do you think young master Ji will listen to you? He definitely won’t listen to you if you tell him now that Longevity Pills are useless for the emperor realm, and he’ll even be suspicious of your motives. Do you feel confident you can convince him? Besides, this young master Ji doesn’t look like someone short on money to me. Let him bleed a little, waste some money. It doesn’t matter.”

Wei Jie heaved a sigh. “It’s not a matter of money. Young master Ji is indeed not lacking in money. Even at ten times the price, he could clench his teeth and still pay it out. But right now, these people are clearly making fun of him on purpose and forcing him to constantly raise his bid. They’re making him dance like a monkey!”

Wei Jie apparently felt his words were a little disrespectful to young master Ji, but the present scene was indeed like a circus. Everytime the young master upped the bid, the gazes gathered on him were all very conflicted. There was derision, sympathy, and also resignation. It was obvious that since the bidding price had reached such a step, it wasn’t a bidding war anymore, but a grudge match.

Unfortunately, young master Ji couldn’t even admit defeat, or he would become the object of ridicule. A grand scion from the Coiling Dragon Clan unable to beat even the son of an aristocratic house? If rumors were to spread out, where would he hide his face?

However, if they were going to increase their bids with no end in sight…The price was already close to thirty million, and the bidding war wasn’t showing signs of stopping any time soon. At present, the other sons of great clans had already stopped bidding and switched to watching to the current act as spectators instead, watching young master Ji and Wang Teng’s fiery and explosive contest.

On the Coiling Dragon Clan’s side, young master Ji hadn’t called upon his underlings. There were several noble families under the clan’s banner, House Wei as well, but they didn’t dare intrude without the young master’s order. Jiang Chen had an increasingly strange feeling about the situation. Wang Teng’s attitude was very odd. If he were trying to embarrass young master Ji, then his goal had already been long accomplished. Why was he still driving up the price so wantonly? Was it truly for a mere three Longevity Pills? For the Majestic Clan, bidding forty million for these three pills was already far beyond their true value.

In Jiang Chen’s opinion, they were simply driving up the price on purpose. “What on earth is this Wang Teng plotting?” Jiang Chen frowned. His feeling was that there was definitely something else to Wang Teng’s bidding other than simply opposing young master Ji.

Only, what on earth was Wang Teng’s real scheme? Though Jiang Chen knew that guy had his motives, he couldn’t still piece them together no matter how hard he racked his brains. Wang Teng was presently feeling free and leisurely, quite proud of himself while enjoying young master Ji’s expressions. From the very beginning, the Majestic Clan had been the one who’d brought out the three Longevity Pills to test the waters. He’d also drove up the price on purpose to take advantage of young master Ji’s sense of urgency.

First, he’d embarrassed young master Ji, humiliating his archenemy.

Second, he was naturally magnifying the allure of the Longevity Pill, making it the center of attention and a popular topic in the Capital. The reason was that the Eternal Celestial Capital had already made the Majestic Clan the exclusive retailer for the Longevity Pill! After this auction, the pill would be publicly available for sale! Wasn’t this the best form of advertising today? After the Longevity Pill’s public launch, the price certainly wouldn’t be as high as in the auction.

When the time came, young master Ji would find out that the Longevity Pills he’d bought at a sky-high price were something from his archenemy to begin. The entire Coiling Dragon Clan would lose all its prestige at that time. They would turn completely into a foil for the Majestic Clan to soar to new heights. One had to admit that Wang Teng’s plan was extremely sinister, killing several birds with one stone. Meanwhile, young master Ji had no choice but to fall into the trap! Wang Teng was greatly pleased with himself.

“I bid fifty million!” The usually poised and elegant young master Ji was starting to to lose his temper at Sikou Nan’s constant price raising. He was well aware Wang Teng was embarrassing him on purpose. However, he still had no choice but to push through and continue bidding.

“Fifty five million.” The more he raised the price, the more relaxed Sikou Nan appeared to be, as though House Sikou was the true first moneybags in the Capital. How could he not be relaxed? No matter how much he raised the price, he wouldn’t have to pay anything at the end in any case! After all, this thing belonged to his house’s master to begin with! Besides, he didn’t think young master Ji would give up.

“Sixty million!” Young master Ji finally had a little trouble holding his anger in check. “Wang Teng, if you want to grab it, then come fight with real swords and spears. What’s the meaning of hiding behind a sidekick?”

Jiang Chen sighed silently when he saw young master Ji’s manners. Wang Teng has finally succeeded pissing this young master off. Just as he thought, Wang Teng smiled easily, “Old chap, you must be imagining things. I don’t have the slightest interest in these Longevity Pills. I wonder though, why do you cling so fiercely to them? If you don’t have the money, how about I have Sikou Nan give you one to play with after he wins the bid?”

He’d simply grasped his tone, manners, and cadence to perfection and sent a vicious slap to Young master Ji’s face. Even Jiang Chen had a little trouble sitting still. When he saw Wang Teng’s proud and smug face, and thought back to the fact that the Longevity Pill was his own thing that this wretch was using to face-slap another with, Jiang Chen also started to grow angry. Trying to slap his face are you? Then I will make you fail!

With a turn of his thoughts, an idea occurred to Jiang Chen. The price was still climbing as his thoughts swirled, flaring past seventy million in the blink of an eye. At this rate, it was thundering straight to a hundred million. Even though young master Ji had money, everyone thought he really was being a good-for-nothing this time. The real value of these three Longevity Pills was capped at ten million saint spirit stones at most. One would be a stupid dandy to pay any more than that. And judging from Wang Teng’s attitude, he clearly wanted to turn young master into a fop unparalleled in the whole of the Capital! His side was incredibly excited and expectant at the moment, looking forward to mercilessly crushing the young master of the Coiling Dragon Clan under their boots.

Chapter 759: Face Slapping and Counter Face Slapping

Indeed, young master Ji couldn’t stop midway; he could only keep riding the tiger. How could he be ignorant that this was an act with Wang Teng as the director? The goal was to make him lose his composure, make him fight over the Longevity Pills for ten times their worth, and to give him a vicious slap on the face. However, Ji San had no other choice.

He was also aware that these Longevity Pills might not be of any use to the clan lord. Only, even one chance in a million was still a hope. He didn’t want to let go of that hope. After all, Coiling Dragon’s clan lord had tried countless methods during these years, but the only thing he’d gained for his efforts was disappointment, more disappointment, and endless, boundless disappointment. As for the Coiling Dragon Clan, once celebrated as the undisputed foremost clan, it was now in imminent danger.

Various influences and factions within the clan were already engaged in an endless power struggle, trying to take advantage of the clan lord’s imminent demise to seize his seat. Meanwhile, the aristocratic houses under the Coiling Dragon Clan were also uncertain which path they ought to walk in the future. There was no sense of security for any of them. One could say that though the Clan wasn’t engulfed in chaos yet, it wasn’t far from it. As soon as the clan lord’s cultivation started dissipating, the clan was bound to enter a chaotic struggle for power and influence. This was a foreseeable future that no one would be able to prevent.

Young master Ji was an outstanding figure amongst the younger generation in the clan, but he was young after all, his experience shallow. He didn’t have the qualifications to take over as the clan lord. Hence, his fate was also bound to experience stormy waves. This proud clan scion, blessed by the heavens, might very well become a sacrificed pawn in the internal struggles of power.

This was what young master Ji least wanted to face. On a public level, he didn’t wish for the Coiling Dragon Clan to fall into chaos and break to pieces. On a private level, he didn’t wish to become a scapegoat in his clan’s internal struggle. For that reason, he wouldn’t give up these Longevity Pills even if they offered but the tiniest shred of a hope. No price would make him give up.

A contest of wealth? Then let’s fight with wealth! Being derided as a useless dandy? Then he might as well be one this one time! Being schemed against by Majestic Clan’s young master? Then let him strut for a while! Ji San clenched his teeth, and upped the bid once again, “Eighty million!”

Sikou Nan laughed, “Hehe, ninety million!”

This was a pure contest of pride now. Sikou Nan upped the ante without even blinking, making the crowd secretly sigh with admiration. Joined Ridges Pavilion’s young master had to be one of the happiest. This terrific price was also a bolt out of the blue for him and he was most delighted with the situation. The higher the price, the greater the share for their auction house!

Wang Teng suddenly smiled, “Old chap, we all know you’re rich. One hundred million, do you dare?”

It made young master Ji regain his composure instead. His determination to win was already firm as steel, so he didn’t appear as restless as before. “One hundred million.” Three faint, indifferent words, but they revealed young master Ji’s resolve to push onwards.

Sikou Nan giggled, “One hundred twenty million.”

This caused a storm at the scene. Sikou Nan was well on his way to make a mortal enemy out of the Coiling Dragon Clan. Even if your faction’s a trusted confidant of the Majestic Clan, you still don’t need to act like this, now do you? Are you so dead certain that you’re on the same side with the Coiling Dragon Clan?

Wei Jie’s face clouded, foul-mouthed words coming out his mouth as he swore something or another. Clearly, he felt a bone-deep hatred for the Majestic Clan and House Sikou at the sight of this situation. Were it not for his words carrying little weight due to his low status, he would even be tempted to interfere. Only, he knew that with his rank and identity, he would be more of a hindrance at a time like this and would make young master Ji dissatisfied instead.

Jiang Chen threw a faint glance in Wei Jie’s direction, glanced at young master Ji, then looked again at Wang Teng’s proud and complacent air. He was also feeling very ticked off. He couldn’t let Wang Teng keep acting so high and mighty. Jiang Chen couldn’t sit still any longer! At present, if there was still one person left who could turn the situation around, it was Jiang Chen. He originally had no desire to be involved in this matter. It was just that he felt very unhappy when he saw Wang Teng looking like he was dead certain he had young master Ji by the neck. Wang Teng, how will I possible tolerate you using my Longevity Pills to act tough? Steeling his resolve, Jiang Chen decided to go into action.

“Wei Jie, whether you can restore your relationship with the Coiling Dragon Clan today will depend on how you take advantage of the situation!” Jiang Chen said, transmitting his voice to Wei Jie.

Jiang Chen had already sent a message to young master Ji before Wei Jie could react “Young master Ji, Wang Teng is deliberately toying with you today. I have an upper rank Longevity Pill in my possession. I only ask ten million saint spirit stones of you.”

He wasn’t making this up out of nowhere. He had indeed refined another cauldron of Longevity Pills afterwards. After giving three of them to Palace Head Dan Chi, he’d kept some of them himself. One of them was precisely a Longevity Pill of the upper rank variety. It was much more outstanding compared to these mid rank ones. Jiang Chen also knew that, were he to tell young master Ji that the Longevity Pill were useless for emperor realm cultivators, the young master would never believe him at a time like this. Instead, young master Ji might believe him yet if he said he had a Longevity Pill.

Sure enough, young master Ji froze, then looked in the direction of the voice. His eyes stayed a moment on Jiang Chen, then looked at Wei Jie beside him. Though Wei Jie hadn’t heard the contents of Jiang Cheng’s words, he was likely aware that Jiang Chen had gone into action.

Jiang Chen transmitted his voice to Wei Jie next, “Young master Wei, if you dare use your House as guarantor, then there’s an opportunity to restore your relationship with the Coiling Dragon Clan today. Do you have this courage? Everything rests on it.”

Just as Wei Jie was pondering this, young master Ji transmitted his voice to Wei Jie as expected. “Wei Jie, is the one beside you a new guest pill king of your House? Is it true that he has a Longevity Pill?”

Hearing this, Wei Jie immediately understood Jiang Chen’s intention. He was immensely grateful. He knew Jiang Chen was taking out his own Longevity Pill to reverse the current situation. He was also inwardly admiring of Jiang Chen’s quick thinking. Young master Ji was certain not to believe them if they’d told him that the Longevity Pill was of no use. Instead, using a Longevity Pill to convince him would be a hundred percent effective. Understanding Jiang Chen’s intention, Wei Jie also understood that Jiang Chen meant for him to vouch for his House’s new guest pill king.

He immediately responded with a solemn vow, “Young master Ji, I am willing to vouch on my life that Pill King zhen truly has a Longevity Pill. If there is any deception, House Wei is willing to submit to any punishment. House Wei and the Majestic Clan are enemies that cannot live under the same sky, we are loath to see young master Ji played and made fun of by them. The heavens and the earth are witness to House Wei’s loyalty.”

There was no insincerity whatsoever in Wei Jie’s words. Young master Ji couldn’t help but take them seriously. To tell the truth, the Coiling Dragon Clan harbored suspicions about House Wei after the drama with House Wei’s pill king. That was the reason why they’d given the house the cold shoulder. Young master Ji’s first reaction to Wei Jie’s words today was skepticism.

However, they didn’t seem false upon looking at Wei Jie’s expression and hearing his tone. Young master Ji was tempted. If he withdrew at a time like this, confidently and leisurely, then it would no doubt be the best way to strike back at Wang Teng. He could even buy an upper rank Longevity Pill at a cheap price afterwards, so why squander his money and be the foolish buyer? However, he was also afraid that if by any chance the information turned out to be false, it would sever this hin strand of hope! Who knew when the Longevity Pill would appear next?

The previously always firm and decisive young master Ji was suddenly a little hesitant as to what to do. Seeing him hesitate, Jiang Chen faintly spoke once more. “Young master Ji, if you’re distrustful even of your most loyal subordinates, then the Coiling Dragon Clan will truly be one day supplanted by the Majestic Clan, and you will be the only ones to blame. You are a grand scion of the number one clan, surely you can’t be afraid of being deceived by us?”

Young master Ji frowned when he heard. A decision arose in his mind. They heard Wang Teng’s voice again just then. “Heh heh, who would have thought we would one day see the wealthy and extravagant young master Ji also cower in fear. Old chap, tell this brother if you’re short on money. Lending you thirty or fifty million won’t be a problem.”

Young master Ji gave a long, lengthy peal of laughter. He didn’t even spare a glance for Wang Teng. His eyes fell straight on Joined Ridges Pavilion’s young master instead. “How much did they bid earlier?”

The auction house’s young master responded with a smile, “A hundred and twenty million.”

Young master Ji slapped his thigh. “Alright, then let them have it! Have them pay on the spot and take the items away. Be sure they don’t cheat and renege on their bid, otherwise this young master will suspect your auction house of conniving with them to maliciously drive up prices and disrupt the normal bidding process.”

This unforeseen turnaround had truly happened too suddenly. Did that mean that young master Ji was throwing in the towel? His free and easy manners didn’t give off the resentful feeling of one who’d been defeated at all! Everyone at the scene was confused. Was it young master Ji toying with the Majestic Clan, or the Majestic Clan making a fool of young master Ji instead? Why was the plot so hard to follow?

Joined Ridges Pavilion’s young master was slightly surprised when he saw young master Ji give up. But he was already very, tremendously, absolutely satisfied with the price they’d already reached. However, Sikou Nan was struck dumb. They’d never imagined young master Ji would give up all of a sudden. Their bottom line had been to reach two hundred million before letting go. From their understanding of young master Ji, two hundred million was definitely a sum he could afford. However, young master Ji had put the lid on at a hundred and twenty million already? That wasn’t young master Ji’s style. Didn’t he want to obtain the Longevity Pills and use them to prolong the Coiling Dragon clan lord’s life?

Even Wang Teng was stupefied, to say nothing of Sikou Nan. Young master Ji’s sudden withdrawal threw all their plans into disarray! It was young master Ji who wasn’t willing to let them go now. He asked with a faint smile, “What? You were bidding so enthusiastically a moment ago, are you reneging on your debt now? Are you trying to slap Joined Ridges Pavilion’s face?”

Bidding and concluding the transaction on the spot, this was the rule the auction house had set for this auction. Sikou Nan truly had a little trouble sitting still. He hadn’t brought so much money with him. Moreover, they didn’t have so much money as to throw it away by spending so much for three Longevity Pills, no matter how wealthy House Sikou was. They were still smarting from the robbery at House Sikou’s Myriad Puppet Pavilion, and funds had been a bit short lately.

If they were to lose another hundred twenty million here, then it would be fuel on the fire for House Sikou. Sikou Nan made a beseeching signal at Wang Teng with a plaintive expression. Wang Teng’s face was also drained of color. He’d been counting his eggs before they’d hatched, so the instant reversal quite ticked him off. He spoke with a grim smile at young master Ji, “Old chap, it seems you aren’t concerned in the least about your clan lord’s matter! You’re cowering at a mere hundred twenty million?”

Wang Teng’s tone was one that was wholly unreconciled.

Chapter 760: The Skysnatcher Cauldron

Young master Ji smiled easily, “Little brat Wang, I was fully aware you would come up with this trick, I played along with your bidding just now merely to tease you. What Longevity Pill, our Clan obtained it a long time ago already! What need do I have to squander money here for no reason? I hear that your Majestic Clan has earned quite a fortune with underhanded methods these years, so I think you guys are better suited the part of being the foolish buyer, hahaha!”

With young master Ji’s sudden withdrawal, he could posture any way he wanted. His words immediately caused an uproar. Sure enough, there were schemes a-plenty between the scions of great clans. Everyone thought at the start that Wang Teng was the one toying with young master Ji, baiting him hook, line, and sinker like a fisherman. But no one imagined the one fishing was young master Ji instead, and the Majestic Clan had been the ones reeled in like a sucker!

This spectacular play had been a perfect face slapping and counter face slapping! Wang Teng was struck utterly dumb. He was very dubious about the truth of young master Ji’s words. However, what about it even if young master Ji was merely putting up appearances? He was the one who needed to fork the money!

Though the Majestic Clan had been the ones to secretly supply these pills, he still couldn’t openly say that he was taking them back, could he? Their Clan would down in spittle if word of this got out! What was this if not dishonest business in maliciously raising the price of his own auction items?

If everyone was left with such a bad impression, they would be labeled as unscrupulous, dishonest businessmen before they even launched the Longevity Pill. On top of that, young master Ji was obviously not going to let go of him before he completed the transaction today!

Wang Teng’s face turned white from anger. He had no choice but to pool the money. It was fortunate that Wang Teng had deep pockets. The several of them could still pool together the one hundred twenty million and avoid losing shame.

His heart was bleeding. Though the greater part of this hundred twenty million would go back into his pocket, Joined Ridges Pavilion would still take their twenty percent commission from it. The auction house’s share was usually ten percent. However, as to not expose Majestic Clan itself, Wang Teng hadn’t provided his real name when putting the three pills up for auction. Instead, he’d chosen an anonymous auction.

An anonymous auction was when the consigner’s identity was hidden. Because the consigner’s identity was hidden, the auction house would shoulder some risk. That was the reason why the auction house’s commission was double in the case of an anonymous auction, the ten percent becoming twenty percent. The final price was one hundred twenty million, so the twenty percent share amounted to twenty four million. In other words, the Majestic Clan had lost twenty-odd million for their troubles in offering up the pills for sale and then taking them back. The items came from their clan, while the money also came from their clan. Apart from some advertising for the Longevity Pill, they squandered twenty two million for absolutely nothing, and they’d even been cruelly toyed with by young master Ji, making a disgrace of themselves.

Wang Ten really felt like crying, even though he had no tears. He wasn’t willing to accept this! Young master Ji was someone Wang Teng understood very well. This guy liked to posture, attract attention, and affect some elegant style, but his schemes weren’t sophisticated and his acting nothing to sniff at. The sense of urgency young master Ji had just moments ago when competing for the Longevity Pills had definitely not been an act. What’d made him suddenly give up out of the blue? This was what completely puzzled Wang Teng, no matter how hard he racked his brain.

The auctioning of the Longevity Pills had experienced twists and turns, all kinds of face slapping and counter face slapping. The plot had come fast and furious, overwhelming the crowd, making them shout with pleasure and satisfaction. The curtains finally closed on this farce after Sikou Nan finalized the payment with a bitter face and took away the items. Joined Ridges Pavilion had ended up the biggest winner. Its young master was secretly beaming, his face simply radiant. He’d gotten twenty percent from this sale alone, twenty four million! This was even wilder than daylight robbery!

Two items followed after the pills. Both of those items were uncommon, both their initial bids starting above six million. Only, neither of these two auction items aroused private grudges or various schemes, so no sparks were seen during their auctioning. The bidding was also very intense, but as a whole, the proceedings tended towards the smooth. No matter how hard the auction house’s young master fanned the flames, the atmosphere fell a little short. The previous dispute had clearly spoiled everyone’s appetite already, making them a little numb.

“Our fifth item is different from the previous items. It’s a cauldron for pill refining. This pill cauldron is called the Skysnatcher Cauldron and is emperor realm, something very seldomly seen. It was allegedly once been used by a high-level pill king. The bidding starts at twenty million saint spirit stones!” The young master’s word once against set the crowd’s enthusiasm ablaze.

An emperor realm pill cauldron! That was an uncommon item! One had to remember that while pills were easy to find, pill cauldrons were rare goods. This was particularly true for good pill-refining cauldrons which were even more of a rarity. The scene was in uproar as soon as the cauldron appeared. The eyes of quite a few younger generations were shining bright with desire.

Wei Jie couldn’t help but feel self conscious. He’d previously given Jiang Chen a million saint spirit stones, and also promised he could make the call for bids below five million. However, the level of this auction had clearly exceeded House Wei’s estimations. Five million was only an appetizer here! The starting price of this emperor real pill cauldron was twenty million already! This sky-high price was simply astounding!

However, considering it was an emperor realm pill cauldron, this price was high, but not excessive beyond reason. One could read the restlessness and eagerness on the faces of many. Everyone was very much looking forward to it. Even Jiang Chen felt a rush of excitement. He’d refined pills for so many years, but the only good pill cauldron he’d ever had was one of Regal Pill Palace’s five treasures, the Skyweave Cauldron. In the Myriad Domain, the Skyweave Cauldron was indeed an outstanding cauldron amongst all the outstanding cauldrons. However, now that he was in the Veluriyam Capital, its level was clearly lagging a little behind.

Now that he saw this emperor realm treasure, the relic of a high-level pill king, he could tell with a single glance that this cauldron was at least two levels above the Skyweave Cauldron. I should actually fight for this cauldron. It was the only one of the five items in which Jiang Cheng actually felt temptation. Twenty million saint spirit stones would have been an astronomical number for Jiang Chen back in the Myriad Domain, far from what he would have been able to afford. However, he’d gathered the rings of roughly four thousand persons after the battle at Infant Shriek. Converting the spirit stones he had on hand to saint spirit stones, he had quite a few hundred millions. Twenty million was naturally something he could afford!

“I bid twenty one million!”

“Twenty three million!”

“I’ll bid twenty five million!”

“I’m bidding thirty million…” The rich folk of the Capital were once again exhibiting their domineering temperament, as though the prices they quoted weren’t in saint spirit stones, but rather in common stones one could pick up anywhere off the street. Such an imposing style didn’t even leave Jiang Chen a window with which to quote a price. When he very slowly bid thirty two million, three or four persons immediately upped the price, shooting the price to forty million in a few blinks.

Madmen, what a bunch of madmen! Jiang Chen swore silently. It wasn’t that he lacked money, but with his present status, if he were to bid too high a price, it would be difficult to avoid undue attention. Competing with a bunch of descendents from the great clans? To say nothing about his present status as a mere second level pill king, even House Wei that Wei Jie represented might not be able to afford it.

There was nothing Jiang Chen could do. All those bidding were from great clans. In such a vast Capital with territories spreading over millions of miles, the resources were innumerable, but those who controlled the vast majority of those resources were still the twenty eight great clans, and only those twenty eight clans. One could deduce from this that each great clan was fully deserving of the title of a local king. Those scions of great clans could bid any amount they wished as long as they felt it was appropriate.

Otherwise, the previous three Longevity Pills couldn’t have shot to a hundred twenty million. It had ended as a battle between the Majestic Clan and the Coiling Dragon Clan, but it had indeed been a straight competition between scions of great clans in its early phase. It was the same for Skysnatcher now. These guys were bidding with extreme frenzy because they liked it, because they felt it was appropriate. It was far from the imaginary scenes where a long time brewed between each bid.

Jiang Chen was inwardly depressed. It wasn’t that he couldn’t afford it, but it’d truly be unwise to compete on wealth with these fellows. The most crucial thing was that as an outsider, he would attract attention in seconds if his attitude was too flamboyant. It would be too easy to attract enmity. Inspiration suddenly struck. His eyes stopped on young master Ji San. There was a helping hand readily available, why not make use of it?

“Young master Ji San, I’m determined to obtain the Skysnatcher. Lend me your name and help me bid for it. I will account for all the expense later. The price for the upper rank Longevity Pill is still as we previously agreed on!”

With young master Ji helping him bid, he wouldn’t need to expose his own wealth and wouldn’t attract enmity. Jiang Chen’s sudden inspiration was a bright chess move.

What Jiang Chen didn’t expect was while young master Ji had still been somewhat skeptical of him before, the young master suddenly believed Jiang Chen wholeheartedly after hearing this request. If he didn’t truly have a Longevity Pill, then he wouldn’t dare order Ji San about even as House Wei’s guest pill king. Young master Ji’s temperament of a wealthy scion suddenly flared, his bold daring suddenly soaring. He said in a loud voice, “I’m in a good mood today, I fancy this cauldron. Fifty million. I will fight all challengers to the bitter end!”

This sudden outburst of imposing momentum routed quite a few. Everyone had already witnessed his imposing dominance back when he’d bid against Sikou Nan. No one was keen to butt heads with this god of pestilence. If by any chance this young master Ji were to become angry and raise the price to insane levels, if it ultimately fell in their own lap, wouldn’t they look like a fool just like Sikou Nan? All of a sudden, the voices previously bidding faded away one by one. They couldn’t afford to offend the Coiling Dragon Clan for one, and secondly, Sikou Nan served as an example that still lingered in everyone’s mind. The scene instantly became absolute silence. There were still two who wanted to keep bidding, but they were also wavering with indecision. The previous scene of young master Ji flipping the situation onto Sikou Nan’s head had obviously left shadows in everyone’s hearts.

Chapter 761: The Goldencrown Cloudcrane

One had to admit, the scene which young master Ji San had delivered a sound face slapping to Wang Teng had been very memorable. The feverish atmosphere of the auction instantly chilled the moment he upped the bid. Although Wang Teng still wanted to cross paths against young master Ji San a little longer, he was once bitten, twice shy. He too was worried that he would be tricked by the young master again. Most importantly, they had reached the bottom of their pockets after the farce that was the Longevity Pill. There was no way he could afford tens of millions for the Skysnatcher Cauldron.

Two great clan members at the back tentatively increased the price twice for the cauldron, but both their attempts were thwarted by a Ji San who looked like he would devour them alive. In the end, young master Ji San successfully took home the Skysnatcher Cauldron at the price of fifty six million saint spirit stones. Although Joined Ridges Pavilion young master wasn’t too pleased with this final price, it was almost at his target goal. Most importantly, he couldn’t fault young master Ji San for winning the bid. The Longevity Pill wouldn’t have ended at such an insane price if young master Ji San hadn’t competed for it.

Jiang Chen let out a sigh of relief when he saw that young master Ji San had successfully won the Skysnatcher Cauldron. Upgrading his equipment was a necessity if he were to establish himself in Veluriyam Capital, and the cauldron was one equipment he absolutely needed to improve. Although the price of fifty six million saint spirit stones was a little higher than he would’ve liked, it didn’t make that big of a dent in his current wealth. This cauldron was absolutely worth hundreds and thousands times the cost in his hands.

After the Skysnatcher Cauldron was bid, the sixth auctioned item showed up on stage. It was an ancient formation disk that caused the crowd to fight crazily for it once more. This time, Jiang Chen showed no interest even though this type of formation disk was very rare. He had obtained several himself at the forbidden grounds of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect. The quality of this formation disk was about the same level as the Minor Artifice Formation, and that made it of little value to him. After all, Jiang Chen possessed the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect most precious Ancient Crimson formation disk. It was capable of emulating the ten great formations of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect! To this day, Jiang Chen was only able to use it once and barely summon ten to twenty percent of its true strength, but there was no denying its might.

But to other people, this formation disk was without a doubt a precious treasure. The price quickly soared to over sixty million saint spirit stones. In the end, the disk was won by a great clan member at the price of eighty million saint spirit stones. The greatest advantage of such formation disk was that it could instantly be deployed. Unlike the normal formations, it neither needed a formation flag or set up to be deployed. This instantaneous reaction saved time, and while it might not be able to kill the enemy in the critical moment, it would be able to delay the enemy long enough to save one’s life. After all, even the strongest expert would be caught by surprise if a formation had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. An abrupt moment of surprise might be all that was needed to save a person’s life in battle.

Two more items was put up after the ancient formation was won, but Jiang Chen was still uninterested in either of them. Jiang Chen held no expectations whatsoever considering that the auction was about to end.

However, his heart skipped a beat when he heard the name of the ninth auctioned item from the Joined Ridges Pavilion young master. “The ninth auctioned item is a Goldencrown Cloudcrane.”

A Goldencrown Cloudcrane! Jiang Chen couldn’t help but cast a glance at young master Ji San after he heard these two words. Now this was what young master Ji San should spare no effort in obtaining, no matter what! He never imagined a coincidence like this would happen. He’d just been thinking about the Pine Crane Pill when the Longevity Pill had been auctioned. He’d never thought that a spirit beast like the Goldencrown Cloudcrane would then show up in an auction like this.

The Goldencrown Cloudcrane’s rank wasn’t too high, and its combat power was average at best. However, it was an incredibly rare species. It was a species of the Cloudcranes, but the one with a golden crown on its head was incredibly rare. Every part of a Goldencrown Cloudcrane’s body was precious. There was even a wealthy man who’d once used the feathers to weave a robe that was impervious to water and fire, and also reduced all metal attribute attacks by half. It was incredibly precious equipment. Moreover, the Cloudcrane’s flesh was also extraordinarily tasty. It was publicly acknowledged as a delicious delicacy in the world of martial dao. The heart especially, was a famous medicinal ingredient in the pill making industry.

The two main ingredients of the Pine Crane Pill was the Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine pine cone and the Goldencrown Cloudcrane heart. This was why Jiang Chen had been startled when he heard the Goldencrown Cloudcrane being announced. As the last item of the auction, it was obviously set at an expensive price. Its starting bid was thirty million saint spirit stones, and many parties were bidding madly for the creature.

Unexpectedly, young master Ji San himself didn’t seem all that interested in this item at all. He wore an indifferent look on his face, and his mind didn’t even seem to be on the auction anymore. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sigh helplessly on the inside when he saw this. This was what the young master should’ve staked his life to bid, but the man himself was showing no reaction at all.

Jiang Chen was hesitant. Should he remind this fellow to make a bid? After all, a creature like the Goldencrown Cloudcrane was a priceless creature that could only be encountered serendipitously. There might not be another in ten or even twenty years. But how should he remind the young master? Would young master Ji San suddenly bid for a spirit animal he had zero interest in at all? Would he even listen? Jiang Chen wasn’t sure either how he should answer young master Ji San if pressed for a reason.

After all, Jiang Chen couldn’t tell him about the Pine Crane Pill. The pill’s influence was too great, and even he dared not imagine the consequences if its existence were to be revealed. That being said, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but feel a bit impressed by young master Ji San’s spirit and heart when he recalled that the young master had won the Skysnatcher Cauldron on his behalf without asking a single question. A moment of hesitation later, Jiang Chen ultimately decided to give young master Ji San a reminder. “Young master Ji San, this Goldencrown Cloudcrane is very important for you. You should bid on it. If you still have enough spirit stones, you should be ready to do everything in your power to win this Goldencrown Cloudcrane.”

Jiang Chen’s reminder obviously caught young master Ji San off guard. He hadn’t hesitated at all when he bid on the Skysnatcher Cauldron for Jiang Chen earlier. However, he couldn’t help but feel a bit of puzzled astonishment this time, because he couldn’t fathom how this Goldencrown Cloudcrane could be useful to him in any way. “My friend, it’s not that I don’t trust you, but this spirit animal can only be used to weave a feathered robe. It’s not all that useful to me, not to mention only a single one isn’t even enough to weave a complete robe,” young master Ji San labored to explain his thoughts.

“Young master Ji San, you were willing to spend a hundred million saint spirit stones to bid for the Longevity Pill earlier, weren’t you? I can tell you now that this Goldencrown Cloudcrane is worth that price more than the Longevity Pill is. If you trust me, then bid for the Goldencrown Cloudcrane. If you don’t, the just pretend that I’ve not said anything. I’m just reminding you out of goodwill.” This was as far as Jiang Chen could advise him.

If young master Ji San trusted him, then he could consider revealing more of the secret. If young master Ji San couldn’t trust him, it still wouldn’t change the fact that Jiang Chen had reminded him out of a sense of obligation. Morally speaking, Jiang Chen would be in the right. After all, he didn’t need to say anything in the first place.

Young master Ji San had helped him bid for the Skysnatcher Cauldron, but Jiang Chen had saved him from the trap that was the Longevity Pill as well. The exchange of favors was equal at best, and Jiang Chen owed Ji San nothing at all. Young master Ji San pondered over the choice for a moment. Although a brief moment of hesitation did pass through his mind, he ultimately decided to trust Jiang Chen. Trust the people you chose, and forego the ones you doubt.

He had chosen to trust Jiang Chen once on the Longevity Pill, so what was the harm in trusting him once more? If he were to lose, he might as well lose completely. And in the same vein, a total victory was better than a partial victory. When his thoughts travelled to this point, young master Ji San once again displayed his ultimate dandiness and declared, “Sixty million!”

Everyone was guessing that the next bid was going to be forty million or so, but his bid had suddenly come in and shattered everyone’s expectations. He even casted a taunting glance at Wang Teng after making the declaration. His meaning was obvious. I’m making another bid, and I dare you play this game with me again!

Wang Teng’s face was livid. This auction was a complete wash. He had sunk all of his money into the Longevity Pill, so where on earth was he going to find the spare change to accept Ji San’s challenge? Moreover, he suspected that young master Ji San was only trying to drag him down further. He had already fallen for the ploy once, and Wang Teng would rather suffer a bit more humiliation than lose even more money. He couldn’t afford tens of millions at the moment anyways.

Jiang Chen was amused when he saw young master Ji San’s actions. He was inwardly impressed by the young master. As expected, there were no easy pickings amongst the great clans at all. Young master Ji San’s unpredictable actions was obviously a cat and mouse tactic. He wanted very much to win the Goldencrown Cloudcrane, but had purposely taunted Wang Teng into bidding against him. As a result, Wang Teng actually didn’t dare to raise the bid. After all, Wang Teng had suffered a loss in Ji San’s hands already. He was still reeling from the blow right now.

That being said, though Wang Teng didn’t try to compete this time, there were a few great clans who were also interested in this auction. In the end, young master Ji San won the Goldencrown Cloudcrane at the tall price of eighty million saint spirit stones without even batting an eyelid. He left all other bidders in dust. This outcome stunned everyone present. The foremost clan was still the foremost clan alright! His ability to spend spirit stones like water was shocking.

He had casually raised the bid of a mere Longevity Pill to a hundred million saint spirit stones. Although he didn’t win it in the end, his charisma was undeniably astounding. Now, he had spent slightly over a hundred million to buy a single cauldron and a single spirit animal. It was unlikely that an ordinary clan member could do the same. It was obvious that young master Ji San had prepared more than enough money to win the bids with ease. He had become the main focus of the event and Joined Ridges Pavilion’s favorite customer. Young master Ji San had not only made two amazing final bids himself, he’d also been the number one contributor in raising the price of the Longevity Pill to one hundred and twenty million saint spirit stones.

Joined Ridges Pavilion only wished that they could find a way to better welcome such a wonderful customer. This extraordinarily entertaining auction ended perfectly with the wide smile on Joined Ridges Pavilion’s young master’s face. They were obviously the biggest winner of this auction.

The most dejected of them all was without a doubt Wang Teng’s group. Although everyone else had splashed out just as much money to win, they had at least gotten what they wanted. However, the bid he’d won had belonged to him in the first place, and as a result he had to hand over a twenty percent commission for free. That twenty four million saint spirit stones! Wang Teng was enraged when he saw young master Ji San’s smile, “Ji Ole Third, I dare you to smile again when your clan lord’s cultivation dissipates!”

He was feeling pretty wretched, and so he left the scene with his subordinates and a dark look on his face. Meanwhile, young master Ji San made his way leisurely outside the entrance, waiting for Wei Jie and Jiang Chen outside the courtyard.

Chapter 762: The Generous Young Master Ji San

Jiang Chen saw the young master waiting for them outside the entrance, but didn’t approach him. Instead, he sent a message, “Let’s find a quiet place to speak, young master Ji San.”

Young master Ji San waved his paper fan and showed no change on his expression despite having heard Jiang Chen’s voice. A moment later, he transmitted, “Wei Jie, I’ll be booking a table at Little Leisurely Clouds. Follow me there.”

Little Leisurely Clouds was an extremely high class restaurant in Veluriyam Capital. It was an exquisitely built building at a quiet location, and its rules of reception was exceptionally strict. It wasn’t a place where common folk could get a table. In fact, even a ninth rank aristocratic family member might not be able to reserve a table in Little Leisurely Clouds. Only a great clan member could reserve a table for certain. Even Jiang Chen was a little surprised when he arrived at Little Leisurely Clouds with Wei Jie. He didn’t think that such a tasteful restaurant existed in a place as expensive as Veluriyam Capital. Situated between hills and rivers, the restaurant gave off an incredibly pleasing atmosphere. From Wei Jie’s reaction, it would appear that even he didn’t have the chance to frequent Little Leisurely Clouds often. The duo had just arrived at the entrance when a steward welcomed them with a professional smile, “My apologies, but are you two young master Ji San’s friends?”

Wei Jie nodded, “Has young master San arrived?”

“Young master Ji San is waiting for you two upstairs. Please, follow me.” This manager obviously held a high position in Little Leisurely Clouds, but the fact that he had welcomed them personally was a great honor. Wei Jie understood that this honor wasn’t granted on behalf of him, but young master Ji San. The foremost clan in Veluriyam Capital still held great influence.

The dishes were already set on the table when they arrived at an exquisite room. The young master’s tall figure was standing beside the table, a hint of anxiety spilling from his normally calm expression. It was obvious that young master Ji San was extremely concerned about the Longevity Pill. Seeing that Jiang Chen had come together with Wei Jie, young master Ji San immediately instructed the steward, “Thank you for your service, but we won’t be needing it for now. We will take care of ourselves.”

The steward was a very discreet person, and understood that he or the staff wasn’t to be privy to the guest’s private talks. He immediately smiled, “Please enjoy your meal.”

Once all Little Leisurely Cloud staff had exited, young master Ji San waved his hand, “What is your friend called, Wei Jie?”

Wei Jie still looked a little uncomfortable in young master Ji San’s presence, but quickly answered, “He is the new guest pill king House Wei has hired. You can call him Pill King Zhen, young master.”

Young master Ji San nodded before examining Jiang Chen for a brief moment with a complicated look. He greeted Jiang Chen, “I apologize for being ill-informed, for this is the first time I’ve heard of your reputation, Pill King Zhen. May I have the pleasure of knowing who your master is?”

Young master Ji San’s tone was a little probing, but Jiang Chen didn’t mind such little transgressions. At the very least, this young master Ji San hadn’t greeted him with the hypocritical, ‘it’s an honor to meet you at last’ when he didn’t even know of Jiang Chen. From this angle, he judged that young master Ji San was at least an aboveboard person who didn’t beat around the bush too much.

“Young master Ji San, there are no outsiders here,” Jiang Chen smiled, “So let’s not beat around the bush trying to probe each other’s background, shall we? I’m very sure you won’t know my master even if I were to tell you.”

Jiang Chen made himself at home and took a guest seat with a flourish, presenting the upper rank Longevity Pill he had prepared since long ago. He pushed the pill bottle gently and sent it sliding towards young master Ji San. No words were as persuasive as reality. The only reason young master Ji San was trying to delicately probe him was because he suspected Jiang Chen’s claims of possessing the Longevity Pill. In that case, there was nothing more persuasive than putting the Longevity Pill on the table.

As expected, young master Ji San lifted an eyebrow instantly and grabbed the pill bottle with a bit of agitation. He gave it a little sniff, and joy immediately blossomed on his face. He could say at least that this pill presence was on point. Moreover, this pill was indeed of a higher grade than the one auctioned by Joined Ridges Pavilion. Obviously in a hurry, young master Ji San tipped out the upper grade Longevity Pill and gently rolled it around in his hand. He probed it continuously with his consciousness. The more he looked, the more he lost his serious expression and relaxed. The joy on his face grew clearer and clearer.

“Good, good, good! This pill is genuine. It is definitely the Longevity Pill. True enough, it’s even better than the one auctioned by Joined Ridges Pavilion. You are a man of your word, Pill King Zhen.” The clouds on young master Ji San’s face faded quite a bit, and even his smile had turned courteous, “Wei Jie, your House Wei has finally found a reliable pill king. I must congratulate you.”

His one line caused their rather stiff relationship to thaw a little. Wei Jie hastily replied, “Pill King Zhen is the biggest reason we were able to settle our internal strife. His pill dao talent is immeasurable.”

Young master Ji San nodded with a smile and played with the Longevity Pill admiringly for a long time. The joy on his face looked just like a child who had just obtained a delicious sweet for the first time.

“Pill King Zhen, if those three middle rank Longevity Pills could be sold for a sum of a hundred twenty million, then they would be worth forty million each. Therefore, your upper rank Longevity Pill would be worth at least fifty million. So here, take your Skysnatcher Cauldron. We’ll save each other the trouble and cliche of exchanging money!” This young master Ji San was a surprisingly refreshing character. He took out the Skysnatcher Cauldron and pushed it directly to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen cast a glance at the Skysnatcher Cauldron, feeling rather impressed by young master Ji San’s heroic character. He had spent fifty six million saint spirit stones to win this cauldron. However, this upper rank Longevity Pill’s true value was in reality only worth two to three million saint spirit stones.

The reason its price had been raised to such insane heights earlier was purely because the Majestic Clan had manipulated young master Ji San’s anxiety and butted heads with him. There was no doubt that Jiang Chen would benefit greatly if he were to exchange this upper rank Longevity Pill for a Skysnatcher Cauldron just like that. But Jiang Chen understood that he couldn’t accept this trade, at least not like this. Instead of putting away the Skysnatcher Cauldron in a hurry, he looked at young master Ji San with sincere eyes. “Young master Ji San, I am very much impressed by your heroism. However, you’ll be suffering a huge loss if we trade this way, and as such I cannot accept this trade with a good conscience.”

Young master Ji San frowned, “Money is not a problem for me, my friend. You can set yourself at ease if your qualms lie purely in the difference between prices. I make my friends completely based on my own preferences, and it is not uncommon for me to spend tens of thousands in one go.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly and replied, “It is not just a problem of the price difference.”

“What is the problem then?”

Jiang Chen spoke seriously, “It is exactly because you’re such a heroic character that I don’t wish to take advantage of you, young master Ji San. If you were a vile person like Wang Teng, not only would I take full advantage of you, I’d be laughing behind your back too.”

Young master Ji San laughed loudly in agreement upon hearing Jiang Chen’s description of Wang Teng, “Well said! That Wang Teng is pretty vile alright.”

“I see that your mind is set on the Longevity Pill, and I’ve seen you willing to suffer through Wang Teng’s wiles and part with a hundred million saint spirit stones just for it. May I ask why?” In reality, Jiang Chen already knew the truth, since Wei Jie had told him about this earlier. But he couldn’t let young master Ji San think that Wei Jie was a blabbermouth, which was why he had purposely feigned ignorance and asked this question.

As expected, the young master was caught off guard momentarily before he cast a thoughtful glance at Wei Jie. He nodded and responded slowly, “Wang Teng brought this up multiple times at the auction, and the rumors have already spread throughout Veluriyam Capital. I suppose it is unlikely that the news will be hidden for much longer. Yes, it’s true. The Coiling Dragon clan lord is nearing the end of his lifespan, and he will lose all of his cultivation in three years time. So when I heard of the miraculous abilities of the Longevity Pill, I thought…” Young master Ji San halted at this point. There wasn’t any need to speak on.

“Young master San, I suspected so, which is also why I’ve stopped you from fighting for the Longevity Pill against Wang Teng. If you spent over a hundred million on this Longevity Pill and discovered later that the pill was in fact, completely useless for an emperor realm cultivator, you would’ve become the laughingstock of the entire Veluriyam Capital.” Jiang Chen understood that the truth was a little cruel, but he didn’t wish to lie to young master Ji San either.

Young master Ji San’s expression changed abruptly when he heard this. All smiles on his face vanished immediately as his complexion took on a shade of deathly white. “Pill King Zhen, is there any… basis behind your claim?”

Jiang Chen declared without batting an eyelid, “I can speak with my life as a guarantee that the Longevity Pill is almost completely ineffective for an emperor realm cultivator. In fact, the side effects might be even greater than usual. It may even have the opposite effect.”

Young master Ji San stared closely at Jiang Chen’s eyes. It was obvious that he was trying to discern whether Jiang Chen was telling the truth. Jiang Chen sighed softly, but never once broke eye contact with young master Ji San. He simply looked back at him calmly. Young master Ji San’s expression transformed from joy, to shock, to disappointment and finally to despair. He looked lost and completely downcast. “How could this be? How could this be? Is this truly the fate of our Coiling Dragon Clan?” Young master Ji San muttered bitterly.

Wei Jie wanted very much to console young master Ji San, but when he thought of his inferior status and useless words, he wasn’t quite sure what to say. Although young master Ji San had lost his composure for a moment, it lasted only for an instant. He quickly regained his cool and pushed the Skysnatcher Cauldron towards Jiang Chen. “Pill King Zhen, the truth is a little cruel, but your honesty is something I admire. Take this Skysnatcher Cauldron, and I will take this Longevity Pill back with me.” A price gap of several tens of millions really was nothing to young master Ji San.

Jiang Chen looked a little surprised. He thought that he had made the pros and cons clear, and that this Longevity Pill no longer held any meaning to the Coiling Dragon Clan. “Young master Ji San, you absolutely must not make a gamble with the Longevity Pill. This is my sincere advice,” Jiang Chen advised.

Young master Ji San sighed helplessly, “You may not understand the Coiling Dragon Clan’s situation, Pill King Zhen. Our clan lord has only three years time left, so even if I don’t take this risk, the only thing the clan lord can do is await his death. If that is the case, I may as well try.”

“Forget three years, even three days may be enough for a miracle to happen in the world of martial dao. The Longevity Pill may be useless for your predicament, but it’s not like you don’t possess a sliver of hope right now, young master Ji San,” Jiang Chen thought for a moment and ultimately decided that he could divulge a bit of the secret. He could see that this young master Ji San was a frank and candid person. Jiang Chen was also willing to give him a little hint based on his generosity alone.

As expected, the light of hope dawned once more in young master Ji San’s eyes when he heard this, “What do you mean by that, Pill King Zhen?” He immediately grew animated the second he heard that there was hope yet.

“Do you remember the last item you won?” Jiang Chen asked with a smile.

“The Goldencrown Cloudcrane?” Young master Ji San looked moved. He was just about to ask Jiang Chen the reason why he had spent eighty million on the spirit animal. He had simply refrained from doing so because of the matter of the Longevity Pill.

“Exactly, the Goldencrown Cloudcrane,” Jiang Chen nodded, “An extraordinary teacher taught me pill dao when I was young, and he once told me that there are all kinds of pills that can extend one’s lifespan in this world. He said that the Longevity Pill can extend a sage realm cultivator’s lifespan around five to eight hundred years, but an equivalent pill can do the same for an emperor realm cultivator…”

“What?” Young master Ji San immediately jumped to his feet. Wild joy filled his eyes, and incredulity riddled his face, “Does such a miraculous pill really exist in the world?”

Even Wei Jie was shocked as he stared at Jiang Chen in astonishment.

Chapter 763: News of the Pine Crane Pill

It was obvious that Jiang Chen’s sudden reveal of something this stunning had greatly surprised both young masters. The appearance of the Longevity Pill had already caused a sizable shock to the pill industry, despite the fact that it could only extend the life of a sage realm cultivator. It was amazing, but it wasn’t so great that it could overturn the entire pill industry. But to claim that there was a pill that could extend even the life of an emperor realm cultivator? If such a pill truly existed in the world, wouldn’t the order of pill dao be shattered that very instant?

Even someone as widely read as young master Ji San couldn’t help but feel that Jiang Chen’s claims were over the top. He couldn’t help but doubt. “Pill King Zhen, I’m not doubting you, but is there really such an amazing pill in this world?”

“I really don’t know if such a pill exists in this world, but that extraordinary master of mine did tell me this. Moreover, he was the one who’d refined the Longevity Pill that I gave you just now. He gifted me just nine words: The world is big, and its wonders are endless.”

Both young master Ji San and Wei Jie exchanged a glance. They almost believed Jiang Chen completely now. The Longevity Pill was a piece of solid evidence that supported his words! Who would’ve believed that there was a sage realm pill that could increase a sage realm cultivator’s life by five to eight hundred years before the appearance of the Longevity Pill? If a sage realm cultivator could extend their lifespan, then why not an emperor realm cultivator?

“Pill King Zhen, did that extraordinary senior leave behind the pill that can extend an emperor cultivator’s life?” Young master Ji San was quite moved by Jiang Chen’s claims.

Jiang Chen smiled wryly in response, “Back then, I told him that sure, I’ll believe that the sage realm Longevity Pill exists, but a pill that extends an emperor realm cultivator’s life? Why don’t you refine one and show me? My teacher said that it was very difficult to refine the pill, but not impossible. However, he couldn’t do anything without the ingredients in hand.”

Naturally, Jiang Chen couldn’t explain his memories from a past life. Therefore, he claimed that all of his knowledge had come from this mysterious teacher. The world of martial dao was enormous anyways. No one could prove that such an extraordinary teacher didn’t exist in the first place.

Young master Ji San wasn’t disappointed by the answer. He fired off another question, “May I know what the pill that can extend an emperor realm cultivator’s life is called?”

“The master says that the pill is named the Pine Crane Pill.” There was no need to hide the pill’s name.

Young master Ji San slapped his thighs and wore a look of joy, “Good, what a good name that is! The pine and crane that extends life! This name is full of profound meaning. It may very well exist in this world.”

Wei Jie abruptly recalled something and asked, “Brother Zhen, the Pine Crane Pill… did you tell young master Ji San to bid for the Goldencrown Cloudcrane because it is an ingredient of the Pine Crane Pill?”

Young master Ji San was so excited that he hadn’t made the connection himself. Now that he was reminded by Wei Jie, the realization struck his head like a bolt of lightning. He whipped his head around to stare expectantly at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen nodded, “Although my master hadn’t told me the refining method, he did mention that the Pine Crane Pill has two main ingredients. The first is the pine of an Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine, and the second, the heart of a Goldencrown Cloudcrane. Both ingredients are absolutely irreplaceable in order to refine the Pine Crane Pill.”

“The Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine, the Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine…” Young master Ji San was overjoyed. “Good, good, good! The Coiling Dragon Clan will employ every tactic at our disposal and scour the entire Divine Abyss Continent for this Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine!” He suddenly recalled something and asked, “Pill King Zhen, your master must be a supreme expert who has withdrawn from the world. Fortune truly smiles upon you! Is it possible for you to contact him and request his aid in refining this pill?”

Jiang Chen smiled wryly, “I’ve no idea where he went since we’d parted ways. He is incredibly elusive, and it would be very difficult to find him. That being said, there is such a thing as fate in this world. You have run into the Goldencrown Cloudcrane during the auction in Veluriyam Capital today. This means that the heavens haven’t closed all doors for the Coiling Dragon Clan yet. Anything is possible in three years time.”

“You’re right, you’re very right!” Young master Ji San’s eyes turned red with excitement. Jiang Chen’s words resonated with the core of his heart. “Anything is possible! The heavens haven’t yet closed all doors to the Coiling Dragon Clan yet!” He repeated. “Well said, Pill King Zhen! Why haven’t I met someone as wondrous as you before!”

Young master Ji San was feeling much, much better after obtaining this information. He personally poured a cup of wine for Jiang Chen and said, “Come, come! I shall toast three cups of wine to you, Pill King Zhen! I’ll drink first.”

Young master Ji San might looked like a cultured gentleman, but the way he drank wine was straightforward and unhesitating. He knocked back three cups of wine in no time at all. Jiang Chen echoed his sentiments and downed three cups of wine as well.

Young master Ji San cast another glance at Wei Jie without the previous distant feeling and indifference he’d held. Instead, he said, “Wei Jie, everyone in the Coiling Dragon Clan has been incredibly prejudiced against House Wei. We had no way of confirming if your family had truly been bought by the Majestic Clan either. But today, it would seem that the facts speak louder than words. I shan’t be a pretentious person and apologize for my past behavior. From today onwards, you are my most trusted person, Wei Jie!”

Young master Ji San carried himself with a bearing that was impossible to ignore every time he spoke. His frankness, genuine sincerity and behavior overwhelmed Wei Jie with every word. “Young master Ji San, it was our fault for using the wrong person and causing the clan lord’s condition to worsen. House Wei has always blamed itself for this terrible mistake. Wei Tiantong may have been sending all sorts of signals to the Majestic Clan all these years, but the mainstream forces of House Wei haven’t forgotten the care the Coiling Dragon Clan has shown us over the years. There is absolutely no way we’d seek to change allegiances.” Wei Jie’s response was also full of great sincerity.

Although the long period of misunderstanding wasn’t something that could be resolved with just a word or two, this was still a turning point and a good beginning. Now that the misunderstanding had finally been resolved, the atmosphere turned harmonious with the aid of wine.

“Pill King Zhen, thanks are unnecessary when it involves favors. Regardless of the outcome, I still owe you a big favor.”

“It’s alright, young master Ji San. If the situation turned out for the better, it will benefit Veluriyam Capital greatly. I am happy to see this outcome myself,” Jiang Chen wasn’t trying to play things off. If the Coiling Dragon Clan successfully solidified its position, House Wei and Jiang Chen’s attempt to establish himself in Veluriyam Capital would obviously benefit from it. If the Majestic Clan were to become the number one clan in Veluriyam Capital, and if the Coiling Dragon Clan were to crumble to dust, the next person on the chopping block would most likely be House Wei. If House Wei were to crumble, then his plans to establish himself in Veluriyam Capital would also end in failure. Therefore, he had every reason to support the Coiling Dragon Clan.

He only needed a short period of study to find the method to refine the Pine Crane Pill. After all, he had memorized its pill recipe. The Pine Crane Pill might be a high level pill, but it was ultimately just an emperor level pill. It wasn’t an empyrean level pill. It would be incredibly difficult for Jiang Chen to refine an empyrean level pill with his current strength. Even a single attempt would likely strain him quite a bit. But Jiang Chen was ninety percent confident of his chances of refining an emperor level pill. If necessary, he could borrow his ‘extraordinary master’s’ title and refine a Pine Crane Pill himself. There were no problems there.

However, Jiang Chen understood that the Pine Crane Pill carried great influence. The moment it was revealed, it would absolutely cause an earthquake in the pill industry. This was absolutely not alarmist talk. Emperor realm cultivators were the true masters of each region. Their needs for the Pine Crane Pill would absolutely make it the legendary pill of the pill industry of this world.

“Young master Ji San, you absolutely must keep news of this pill a secret. There’ll be endless trouble if its existence were to be revealed.” After a moment of thought, Jiang Chen ultimately decided to give young master Ji San a reminder.

Young master Ji San answered seriously, “My mouth is sealed. Even if the Pine Crane Pill is refined one day, I wouldn’t announce it to the whole world either.”

“Indeed. Its existence involves too much, and its exposure would make us the target of a great deal of attacks,” Jiang Chen absolutely wasn’t exaggerating when he said this.

Young master Ji San knew Jiang Chen’s words to be true, and nodded with a serious expression on his face. Then, the trio then brought up House Wei’s matters and talked about the Taiyuan Tower that was about to open in two days’ time. Young master Ji San looked extremely interested and promised to support House Wei with a group of people on the day of the opening. Naturally, Wei Jie was extremely pleased by young master Ji San’s promise. They had unknowingly accomplished something big for House Wei!

Of course, Wei Jie also understood that he was simply bathing in Jiang Chen’s limelight. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, young master Ji San would never have forgiven the misunderstandings of House Wei, much less come to congratulate them. The gathering at Little Leisurely Clouds ended with all sides pleased. Everyone felt like they had returned with full pockets.

Young master Ji San’s cheerful mood was almost a foregone point. Ever since he learned about the Pine Crane Pill, his entire person grew spirited, and he felt as if his fighting will had grown by leaps and bounds. He didn’t fear obstacles; he only feared that no light existed at the end of the tunnel. If there was hope, then even the hardest predicament had an ending.

Wei Jie was even happier than young master Ji San. The resolution of the misunderstanding between House Wei and the Coiling Dragon Clan was absolutely the best news they had heard for the past couple of years.

Jiang Chen’s gains were quite decent as well. His new friendship with young master Ji San was beneficial to his attempts to further his network within Veluriyam Capital. As long as he remained useful to the Coiling Dragon Clan, his status in Veluriyam Capital would only solidify further. At that point, he wouldn’t need to fear much even if his identity were to be exposed one day. With an ally like the Coiling Dragon Clan, he could entrench himself in Veluriyam Capital without needing to worry about the Eternal Celestial Capital or the Ninesuns Sky Sect. Most importantly, the Coiling Dragon Clan’s support would smoothly pave his path towards establishing himself in Veluriyam Capital. On the way home, Jiang Chen didn’t forget himself despite being in a cheery mood. On the contrary, there was yet one more trouble that was plaguing his mind.

The Longevity Pill.

Jiang Chen’s powerful intuition told him that the three Longevity Pills that had suddenly appeared in the auction today was absolutely not as simple as they seemed. The appearance of the three Longevity Pills proved that the Eternal Celestial Capital had begun stirring waves in Veluriyam Capital. The fact that these three Longevity Pills could appear without a hitch also proved that their network in Veluriyam Capital couldn’t be underestimated. In fact, Jiang Chen suspected that the Eternal Celestial Capital had already found a backer in Veluriyam Capital.

“Brother Zhen, why do you look so gloomy despite all the good things that happened today?” Wei Jie looked curious.

“Young master Wei, you too saw the Longevity Pills auctioned today. I suspect that they are but pieces laid to test the waters of Veluriyam Capital. I am certain that the Longevity Pill will enter Veluriyam Capital’s market in full force after today, and that the pill industry in Farmer God Market will grow very interesting in the near future. I only hope that the worst case scenario won’t happen…” Jiang Chen sighed.

Chapter 764: Bad News Before the Day of Opening

“Why do you say that?” Wei Jie’s heart suddenly pounded when he heard Jiang Chen’s serious tone.

Jiang Chen had been considering this matter along the way and analyzed it repeatedly. When he added Wang Teng and his group’s behavior at the auction to his analysis, he couldn’t help but smell a thick sense of conspiracy, one that had to do with him. “Young master Wei, don’t you think Wang Teng’s actions were a little strange today?” Jiang Chen asked. Surprised, Wei Jie pondered for a moment, but couldn’t figure out Jiang Chen’s meaning.

“Why did Wang Teng try to induce Sikou Nan and young master Ji San to bid for the Longevity Pill? Moreover, Wang Teng didn’t look like he was just trying to anger or embarrass young master Ji San. It felt that he was trying to build marketing momentum for the Longevity Pill,” Jiang Chen’s tone was serious.

Wei Jie’s expression changed the moment he heard this. He was quick to pick up on things, and he immediately comprehended Jiang Chen’s implied meaning. “Brother Zhen, you mean… that the auction of the Longevity Pill was planned by Wang Teng all along?” Wei Jie was quite shocked by this revelation.

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes slightly and spoke in a frigid tone, “I hope it’s just my imagination, but I just couldn’t shake off this idea when I noted Wang Teng’s actions. Although I disrupted his plans at the end and stopped him from embarrassing young master Ji San, if this is true, he still managed to achieve his goal.”

“Brother Zhen, don’t you think that your assumption is a little too farfetched?” Wei Jie still looked a little doubtful.

Jiang Chen nodded, “It’s just an assumption so far, but think about it, the Eternal Celestial Capital has the ability to refine the Longevity Pill. However, would Veluriyam Capital allow the Eternal Celestial Capital to openly corner their pill market? Of course not, not to mention that the Eternal Celestial Capital themselves wouldn’t dare do so. But despite this obstacle, they still wish to enter the market. What do you think they would do to achieve that goal?”

The doubt on Wei Jie’s face slowly disappeared as he listened to Jiang Chen’s reasoning. Instead, it was replaced with a look of gravity. “They would find an intermediary, a powerful force who’s willing to cooperate with them in Veluriyam Capital.”

“That’s right,” Jiang Chen nodded, “Now, the Longevity Pill has been successfully auctioned off at Joined Ridges Pavilion. Do you think they could’ve built such an enormous momentum in such a short time if they weren’t aided by someone from within Veluriyam Capital? Which power is the most suitable to become an agent in Veluriyam Capital? The Coiling Dragon Clan? It is true that the Coiling Dragon Clan stands as the most obvious candidate, but they are currently embroiled in their own troubles and suffering from internal strife. In that case… an ambitious clan who has every intent to compete for the status of number one clan in Veluriyam Capital would undoubtedly be the most suitable candidate.”

With this deduction, that the Majestic Clan was this candidate was almost a certainty. Combining his understanding with Wang Teng’s performance today, Wei Jie believed Jiang Chen’s deductions almost completely. “The Majestic Clan… the Longevity Pill…” Wei Jie muttered and sighed to himself, “If that really is the case, then the Majestic Clan is seriously going to earn a fortune this time.”

“If this is true, this fortune will also become a central pillar in the Majestic Clan’s attempt to challenge the Coiling Dragon Clan in the future,” Jiang Chen’s irritation reached a new high. It would be stranger still if he wasn’t infuriated by the fact that something belonging to him was being manipulated by the Eternal Celestial Capital and the Majestic Clan as they liked.

Jiang Chen returned to his own accommodations after parting ways with Wei Jie. There were only two days left before the opening of Taiyuan Tower. He had made preparations on every front. Everyone had gone through a series of strict training regimens and acquired new identities. Now, the only thing they needed to do was await Taiyuan Tower’s opening. Huang’er was very happy for Jiang Chen, seeing that all of his preparation were proceeding smoothly.

Taiyuan Tower’s signboard was installed in the last two days, and several recruitment notices were put out in serious fashion as well. All of these preparations were of course, a smokescreen for his subordinates so that they could openly and justly enter Taiyuan Tower with their new identities and not be discovered by House Sikou.

All of his Regal Pill Palace sect members had been assigned to work behind the scenes on logistics and finances. Jiang Chen had passed the authority over finances completely to Rong Zifeng. This was also a show of great trust in Rong Zifeng. Rong Zifeng himself didn’t think that Jiang Chen would trust him this much, so he was overflowing with pride, excitement and gratitude towards Jiang Chen. In reality, the person Jiang Chen trusted the most was Shen Trifire, but Jiang Chen’s plans for Shen Trifire were set on him becoming a pill king as soon as possible. Therefore, there was no need to put Shen Trifire in charge of such affairs. The other ten sage realm cultivators were handpicked by Jiang Chen to guard the store, welcome customers and receive items.

The fact that a newly established pill store had ten sage realm guards obviously meant that it was no ordinary store. But it wasn’t that eye catching either, since there was no emperor realm cultivators present. Jiang Chen didn’t bother worrying about opening day decorations, popularity and attractions. He had almost no connections in Veluriyam Capital, so naturally he had no channels he could draw on. There was nothing he could do about it even if he wanted to, so he simply entrusted all that to House Wei.

Taking House Wei’s current situation in account, Jiang Chen didn’t feel like his situation would improve by much. After all, the current House Wei had almost no weight in the pill industry, not to mention House Wei itself was currently in decline. Many people believed that House Wei would find it very difficult to maintain their status as a ninth rank aristocratic house in the near future. Moreover, while House Wei was still blindly loyal to the Coiling Dragon Clan, in the public’s eyes, the Coiling Dragon Clan had lost trust in House Wei since a long time ago.

Therefore, there really weren’t many who were willing to build a close relationship with House Wei. The number of people willing to show up on the day of the opening would likely be few and far in between. After all, everyone knew that House Wei had become a thorn in the Majestic Clan’s side. Veluriyam Capital was a place where news spread quickly. It was now common knowledge that House Wei had refused to rent their store to House Tong, refused Wang Teng’s invitation and even eliminated a pill king spy that Majestic Clan had sent into their midst…

The day before the opening, Jiang Chen led his people and officially entered the Farmer God Market.

He had to admit that House Wei’s store at the Farmer God Market was an excellent location. It was large and quite strategically located. It was so good that it even exceeded his expectations. Even Jiang Chen felt a tinge of excitement the night before the opening. After arriving at Veluriyam Capital for such a long time, he was finally taking the first step in establishing his own force here.

The next day morning, Jiang Chen woke up very early. The team he brought over the previous night was already busying themselves. Considering how big their store was and that today was their first day of business, there were naturally many things to do. House Wei’s men also showed up one after another. Wei Jie was the first person to show up. However, he also brought rather bad news with him.

“Brother Zhen, House Tong has gone too far! I’m not sure how, but somehow they managed to buy the store across from Taiyuan Tower and turn it into a pill store too. They’ve also chosen to open today. They sent their invitations to all the reputable factions in Veluriyam Capital last night.”

Jiang Chen was surprised when he heard this. Everything about the news was just too startling. House Tong had chosen today of all days to open their store? It was obvious they were purposely butting heads against House Wei. This was surely the first sign of a string of attempts to beat down Taiyuan Tower! A slow burning anger rose inside Jiang Chen’s heart. He had been quite low key since he arrived at Veluriyam Capital, and truly hadn’t provoked anyone on his own accord. But even then, trouble just kept coming in droves.

He could pretend it was nothing if House Tong had only opened a pill store on the opposite side of Taiyuan Tower. But the fact that they had chosen to open their store on the same day and sent out their invitations overnight was a blatant display of their true intentions. They were absolutely trying to make life difficult for Taiyuan Tower and drag them into an open confrontation! As fury started to ignite within him, Jiang Chen cast a glance at Wei Jie. “When did we send out our own invitations?”

“We’ve sent out our invitations three days ago. Every letter reached their destination..” Wei Jie smiled wryly, “However, it would seem that the situation is still extremely disadvantageous to Taiyuan Tower. Brother Zhen, this isn’t your fault. The real fault lies on us, House Wei and our situation for the past few years…”

Jiang Chen waved his hands and said, “Save such disheartened words for later!”

Naturally, Jiang Chen knew that House Tong hadn’t done this to butt heads with ‘Pill King Zhen’. In the eyes of those aristocratic families and great clans, ‘Pill King Zhen’ wasn’t really all that important. They might not even think much about him at all. The reason House Tong had done this was to attack House Wei! The mastermind behind their actions was definitely the Majestic Clan. House Tong was a core subordinate for the Majestic Clan. While it might appear on the surface that House Tong was leading the charge, there was a high probability that the Majestic Clan was the one pulling the strings in the dark.

“What do we do?” Wei Jie himself wasn’t quite sure what to do. He was most worried about his guests running over to the opposite store, leaving an empty Taiyuan Tower behind. If that happened, it would be an enormous stain on House Wei’s reputation. It would also be the biggest blow to the newly opened Taiyuan Tower.

The Majestic Clan had seriously infuriated Jiang Chen with this tactic, and he sneered, “What do we do? We do nothing at all! This is the perfect opportunity for us to see who we can trust, who are just opportunists, and who can’t be trusted!”

Wei Jie smiled wryly, “That’s true. Today’s situation is the best chance to test their loyalty.”

House Lord Wei Tianxiao also arrived while they were talking. As he greeted them, he wore a forceful smile on his face. When he, Jiang Chen and Wei Jie were alone in a room, Wei Tianxiao’s expression immediately dissolved to utmost seriousness. “Pill King Zhen, I’ve just received confirmation that the neighboring pill store is controlled by the Majestic Clan. Even though House Tong is its apparent owner, they are just the pawn. Most importantly, they will also be revealing a most astounding pill for sale today.”

“What?” Jiang Chen frowned as a bad premonition rose in his heart.

“The Longevity Pill!” Wei Tianxiao couldn’t help but cast a glance at Jiang Chen when he said this. The Wei father and son were the only ones who knew of Jiang Chen’s true identity in the entirety of House Wei. Naturally, they knew where the Longevity Pill had really come from as well. The Longevity Pill had came from the Regal Pill Palace, but it was Majestic Clan property now. Both Wei father and son was very unhappy with the injustice Jiang Chen was being served. Surprisingly, Jiang Chen didn’t look astonished at all. Instead, a look of understanding crept across his face as he cast a knowing glance at Wei Jie. Wei Jie let out a long sigh, “Just as we thought, this is the worst case scenario.”

Jiang Chen had already suspected earlier that the Majestic Clan was colluding with the Eternal Celestial Capital. Now, reality had proven that everything was progressing towards the worst case scenario! The Majestic Clan’s momentum would be doubled with the Longevity Pill. It was an important card in their plans to replace the Coiling Dragon Clan as the foremost clan. If the Longevity Pill were to dominate Veluriyam Capital’s market, the income it would bring would be astronomical. Flames of fury leapt and roared within Jiang Chen. He absolutely couldn’t accept this outcome.

Chapter 765: The Aggrieved Wei Father and Son

You destroyed my sect, stole my pill recipe, and now use my things to strut in front of my doors. Even Buddha struck back after being hit thrice! How could Jiang Chen possibly take all of this lying down?

“Majestic Clan… you’ve truly enraged me!” Jiang Chen’s smile turned vicious in his anger. He looked at the Wei father and son as he remarked faintly, “Come what may. We’ll just do our part well and react accordingly to other matters.”

His tone may have sounded calm, but the flames of his rage had thoroughly been stoked. He was already crafting his counterattack. It was at this time that another large disturbance broke out outside. It seems that many voices had risen in anger. “Let’s go take a look.” Jiang Chen’s expression darkened as he led the way.

Outside the door, those of Taiyuan Tower were furiously yelling at those from across the street. None of the ten sage realm cultivators Jiang Chen had chosen were easy characters. They’d all rolled up their sleeves and were having the time of their lives cussing at the workers across the street. The opposing party wasn’t giving up easily either. They had a bit more people and gave back as good they got, speaking so rapidly that spittle flew everywhere. The scene was akin to two groups of harlots meeting in the street and erupting into conflict. Their battle strength was off the charts as the insults and curses grew ever dirtier with each minute.

Those in the know recognized them for sage realm cultivators, and those who didn’t simply thought that street thugs were duking it out publicly. When the Taiyuan Tower group saw Jiang Chen and House Wei walk out, their morale grew as they gave vent to their feelings with increasing ferocity. Over on the House Wei’s side, Wei Qixia rolled up his sleeves and was about to dive into the fray when Wei Jie held him back. “Qixia, what’s going on?”

Qixia huffed back out, “Take a look at that, young master! This House Tong is simply too much! We’re Taiyuan Tower, and they’ve gone and called themselves Taiyuan Lodge. They’re obviously trying to show us up!”

Wei Jie was shocked as he looked across the street. Indeed, the store sign that had just been hung up was carved with large letters—Taiyuan Lodge!

Jiang Chen was utterly and thoroughly enraged. Taiyuan Tower was a name that had been derived from his father’s title in his past life. Of all his bottom lines, this one was absolutely inviolate. How dare this House Tong shop use the same name and make such an obvious target out of Taiyuan Tower? Jiang Chen suddenly exploded with thick killing intent. He glared at the shop sign, anger consuming his thoughts, “House Tong! Majestic Clan! Do you two think you’re worthy of using the word Taiyuan? Blasphemy against the Celestial Emperor, heresy against the gods! I, Jiang Chen, will let you know what divine retribution is!”

He’d already been in a state of extreme irritation, and now things had progressed far beyond the point of no-return. He mentally pronounced a death sentence on the Majestic Clan pill shop. Even if he had to reveal his identity, even if he would become Veluriyam Capital’s number one public enemy, he would annihilate them! His father was taboo in Jiang Chen’s heart, whether in this life or past. It was a forbidden zone that no one could trespass. Whoever did so would die!

Jiang Chen stared coldly at the store across from him. Some fellows dressed in luxurious clothing sauntered out from within. It was the House Tong father and son, as well as some heavyweight elders from the family. All of them had haughty, arrogant expressions on their faces as they strutted forward. The look in their eyes and their posture were full of provocation.

“What’s all this racket about?” A House Tong elder put on the show of lecturing his own men. “Don’t forget yourself. What’s all this fighting with some random strays off the street for? Don’t throw away face for Taiyuan Lodge!”

This was a backhanded way of insulting Taiyuan Tower, a way of mocking House Wei and the new pill shop. As for Jiang Chen? They couldn’t even be bothered with him. Indeed, the House Tong group were all rather pleased with themselves and stopped jeering and catcalling, putting on the expressions of a victor and standing behind their house lord.

Wei Tianxiao reigned in his anger and glared at the House Tong house lord. “What do you mean by this, old Tong? We named our shop Taiyuan Tower and you name yours Taiyuan Lodge? Are you trying to gross out the public?”

Tong Xianwei flicked a dismissive glance at Wei Tianxiao, speaking brazenly, “Wei Tianxiao, are you trying to get one up on us? Taiyuan Lodge is a name we settled on long ago. I haven’t taken you to task for your transgression yet, and here you are trying to question me first?”

Faces over on the House Wei’s side all turned furious when they heard this. This House Tong was truly shameless to voice words that completely flipped the truth around in such a self righteous fashion!

Wei Tianxiao smiled through his anger. “Tong Xianwei, you’re the house lord of a ninth ranked aristocratic house. Do you really plan on embarrassing yourself like this? House Wei sent out the invitations a few days ago, and everyone knew of Taiyuan Tower’s opening in the Capital. You sent yours out only last night and purposefully made your opening day the same as ours. You even chose the spot in front of ours and picked a similar name. Just how much do you admire House Wei, hmm?

Tong Xianwei laughed riotously, “Admire House Wei? Wei Tianxiao, take a piss if you want a mirror to look at! House Wei is acclaimed trash in the arena of pills, so what need does my House Tong have to look up to you? What degree of idiocy have you fallen to if you think that?”

Young lord Tong Yun of House Tong snorted derisively off on the side, “Father, what need is there to speak with this declining family? Even if they imitate us, without any skills to back themselves up, they can only watch us grow rich. Why don’t we take a seat and watch the show, and see how many days it takes for this so-called Taiyuan Tower to close up shop!”

“Haha, my son speaks well. House Tong is gracious and won’t take them to task for copying us. Everyone, get ready, our honored guests will soon visit. We have a very important mission to greet them all today, so everyone should be prepared.” Tong Xianwei threw a supercilious smile over at House Wei.

Many guests arrived one after another, but they were unwilling to approach the shops when they saw House Wei and House Tong screaming at each other in the street. However, those on the House Tong’s side had sharp eyes and approached the guests, leaving the latter with no choice but to walk into Taiyuan Lodge. Some did so apologetically, others guiltily, but none dared look over at House Wei.

The Tong father and son duo were standing at the front door in high spirits, full of energy and ambition as they welcomed the guests from all sides. Almost all of these guests had received both sets of invitations, but most of them chose to head into Taiyuan Lodge. Some neutral guests gave into peer pressure when they saw most people heading to Taiyuan Lodge, creating a very disparate distinction between the two shops. House Tong’s Taiyuan Lodge was bustling and had a fervent atmosphere. Apart from their diehard supporters, most of the guests had also chosen them.

If one looked at percentages, ninety percent of the guests had chosen to head into Taiyuan Lodge, and only ten percent into House Wei’s Taiyuan Tower. This was an extremely awkward and unpleasant scene, but the Wei father and son still had to remain standing at their door to welcome their guests. Their hearts were dripping blood, but they had to put on looks of warm welcome and force themselves to smile broadly. One side of the street was all a hustle and bustle, and the other side looked almost abandoned, the sparrows pecking around in the courtyard.

The Tong father and son continuously flung challenging looks at their Wei counterparts as they welcomed their guests, a look of petty victory clear on their faces. At this time, another disturbance grew at the street entrance. Everyone looked over to see the young lord of the Majestic Clan arriving with a large horde of Majestic Clan executives and members in tow. The emergence of the Majestic Clan resulted in quite a grand scene, and the Tong father and son hurried to walk up to them.

“The young lord of the Majestic Clan brings great honor to Taiyuan Lodge with your personal appearance!” Tong Xianwei was quite adept at flattery.

“Brother Wang, Taiyuan Lodge has drawn quite a crowd today, everyone’s shown us a lot of face because of the Majestic Clan!” Tong Kun also followed up with more fawning words.

Jiang Chen wasn’t unfamiliar with the Majestic Clan young lord Wang Teng. It was his third time running into the young lord now. Wang Teng halted at the door to Taiyuan Lodge with a faint smile on his face. He nodded, “Not bad, the arrangements are well done. Taiyuan Lodge must have an auspicious beginning if it wishes to grow big and become a heavyweight pill faction.” When he finished, he seemed to register the existence of House Wei across the street for the first time. He flicked a glance at the Taiyuan Tower sign and asked with incredibly insincere confusion, “What’s going on here?”

“Oh, it’s like this. The opening of our Taiyuan Lodge might have caused others to grow jealous. Some dejected houses seemed to have imitated us and opened something called the Taiyuan Tower. It’s truly both a laughable and maddening occurrence. What an affront of the young lord!” Tong Xianwei hastened to explain.

Tong Kun also piped up, “Don’t worry, Brother Wang. A shop like this won’t survive for long. Just treat it as some comedic relief for the opening of our Taiyuan Lodge, some free entertainment for everyone. It’s good to have a laugh now and then. We’d have to pay a circus if we wanted one to come perform.”

Wang Teng’s expression was distant as he nodded, “It’s best if there’s a minimum of this sort of bad culture. That father and son looks a bit familiar, they should be some respected personage in the Capital. How could they have done something so shameful? Go investigate which great clan they belong to.”

These words weren’t spoken particularly forcefully, but they just so happened to be loud enough to travel across the street. The Wei father and son were fit to burst. This Majestic Clan was simply too shameful, and that Wang Teng brat too good at acting! What “looks a bit familiar”? They were a ninth ranked aristocratic house, how could Wang Teng possibly not recognize them? Besides, it’d been the Majestic Clan pulling all the strings behind the scenes, but now they were pretending that they didn’t know anything at all. Just who were they putting on this act for? They were the ones who’d copied House Wei, Taiyuan Tower, and purposefully pitted themselves against House Wei! But now it was House Wei in the wrong?!

Even Jiang Chen couldn’t bear watching any longer, much less House Wei. As he watched how much of an air Wang Ten was putting on and the cocky Tong father and son, his plan for counterattack finished forming in his mind.
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